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A local film production house supports the podcast


Local film production house Kingdom Kome hopes to inspire local content creators with the launch of its new Zapcast podcast studio.

The studio hopes to help grow the local industry by helping creators produce and showcase premium content and podcasts.

According to River Club co-founder and resident Cameron Scott, Zapcast hopes to change the narrative around podcasting and help more people realize its potential.

“Zapcast is much more than a podcasting initiative, it carries the potential and courage to revolutionize our media landscape for businesses and emerging content creators. That’s why we launched it.

Under the watchful eye of experienced chief content producer Caleb Janssens, Zapcast is sure to soar.

“Honestly, I’m so excited! I see so much potential in Zapcast and the shows we started producing last month. I can’t wait to see where the business goes in the next few months,” said Janssens.

The studio kicked off with the launch of a new show, The Weekly Fandomentals, hosted by Janssens and Zaid Motala.

Kingdom Kome co-founder and River Club resident Cameron Scott hopes to inspire creators to improve the quality of their content. Photo: Supplied

The show covers all the latest exciting news and trends in the “geek sphere” – from conventions to the latest movie releases. Their first episode explored the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Co-founder and international cricketer Kagiso Rabada added that Zapcast wouldn’t stop there, additions to the list include The One on One Project and The ABC’s of Content Creation, to name a few.

“The One on One Project is a sports-based show hosted by Amogelang-Lefa Molapo on the Zapcast platform, it provides a space for people from all walks of life to have solid conversations about all things sports as well as daily life and its challenges .

Kingdom Kome co-founder Kagiso Rabada aims to educate listeners through podcasting. Photo: Supplied

“The ABCs of Content Creation lays out the building blocks of content creation, facilitating a key part of Kingdom’s vision for Zapcast: educating its audience.”

Learn more about Zapcast at www.zapcast.org. Want to sponsor or maybe start your own podcast? Contact Zapcast on [email protected]


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