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A London-based publishing, consultancy and production company is bringing businesses closer to Gen Z than ever before


Jenk Oz, Knowledge Summit, Dubai 2022

Thred Media - Office

Thred Media – Office

Jenk Oz, Founder and CEO Thred Media

Jenk Oz, Founder and CEO Thred Media

Thred Media - Website

Thred Media – Website

Thred Media - Logo

Thred Media – Logo

Thred Media uses the behavioral insights of Gen Z and the power of social change to build a stronger future for people + planet + brands

Unlike many traditional consultancies that rely heavily on outsourced data, rented audiences, and focus groups for Gen Z-targeted insights, we are the focus group and we generate the data.

— Jenk Oz, Founder and CEO Thred Media

LONDON, ENGLAND, Oct. 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — At a time when culture-driven generational shifts are rapidly transforming the way companies position themselves and their messaging, Thred Media is now leading the way by equipping organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Ford, Snapchat, Dunkin, Ogilvy and the United Nations – to connect directly with Gen Z to cultivate societal change.

Founded by 17-year-old entrepreneur Jenk Oz, Thred Media is an award-winning publishing, media, consulting and production company that enables businesses to effectively integrate their strategy with Gen Z and change movements social on a global scale. Thred Media empowers clients with access to a Gen Z approach to research and future insights using first-hand data, co-creation strategies, and groundbreaking content production.

Three pillars triangulate to form the fundamental foundations of Thred Media: publishing, consulting and community.

Publishing – The core tenet of Thred Media’s business is the 100% impact-driven online publication Thred.com, featuring daily news coverage, exclusive interviews and analysis on all aspects youth culture and social change. Alongside editors and in-house writers, Thred has built a global ecosystem of remote writers bringing real-time issues to light in the most authentic and transparent way. The site is available in 17 different languages, reaches people in over 220 countries and territories, has over 250,000 page views per month, two weekly newsletters and is available on Flipboard, Medium, Apple News, Google News and the website of Global Citizen.

Dedicated to showcasing changemakers and cultural thought leaders from around the world, Thred Media has created the daily #365changemaker spotlight and the Thred100 – a curated weekly list of the top 100 activists, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and movements of the generation Z that embrace and influence youth culture and motivation. large-scale social change. In addition, Thred has a bi-weekly Career Coach column which focuses on youth employment, gig opportunities and the green economy written by Dan Kiernan, Oxford University Careers Manager, Said Business School and LinkedIn Top Voice 2022.

Consulting- Thred partners with brands, agencies, research houses, and nonprofits worldwide to help them understand the beliefs, behaviors, and emerging forces in technology and consumers that underpin – tend to change. Additionally, the team is focused on new action-oriented strategies to engage Gen Z in ideation, curation, and co-creation of culture-driven, participatory moments with brands and the people who care about them. to heart. Thred Media has worked creatively with companies including Google, Microsoft, Snapchat, Oracle, Ford, Universal, Vodafone and Dunkin. They also appreciated the partnership with agencies such as Ogilvy, Edelman and Weiden + Kennedy, alongside research houses Canvas8 and Artefact. Additionally, Thred Media has agreed to provide content and media services for Talenthouse, the world’s largest creative talent platform.

“Unlike many traditional consulting firms that rely heavily on outsourced data, rented audiences and focus groups to deliver insights targeted at Gen Z, we are the focus group and we generate the data.” Jenk Oz.

Community – At the heart of Thred Media is its network of global changemakers, activists, entrepreneurs and cultural experts that Thred draws inspiration from every day. It includes over 200,000 social media followers, over 250,000 website readers, over 20,000 newsletter subscribers, plus the 2,000 members of the Change Maker Directory, which includes Ambassadors, Champions, interns, remote editors, and Discord moderators who are on the ground advancing social change in their local areas.

“The vision behind the Changemakers Network is to build a global community of like-minded young people who can network together to bring about local change and then shine a light on their stories and successes with other communities so that can see a way forward for change using real-time examples. Jenk Oz

Now companies can tap directly into this audience and Thred Media’s team of experts to learn about Gen Z and social change issues, develop co-creation strategies in key areas, and validate decisions. real-time trading. “Involving Gen Z consumers in all elements of your business will empower young people to put themselves at the center of your brand and feel ownership of its growth and evolution as you move towards a mutually defined goal” , Jenk Oz.

Based in London with an office in New York opening later this year, founder, CEO and influencer strategist Jenk Oz is working alongside Thred Media’s team of in-house professionals and 20 remote editors to create a panel of Gen Z experts, including editors, writers, researchers, social media content specialists, videographers, animators, graphic designers and client partners.

In the current economic climate, many companies are unsure how to scale their offerings and reach new audiences. While some organizations considered “responsible” have enjoyed a better reputation, the real value goes to companies that dig deeper into their social purpose and become true champions of social change. With this in mind, Thred Media was created with the fundamental belief that corporate social responsibility is not an add-on feature or seasonal campaign to drive sales, but rather a vital business operating system for businesses.

Thred Media Founder and CEO Jenk Oz said, “The sooner brands realize this, the better chance they have of surviving economic downturns, developing and retaining fully ‘invested’ employees and, in ultimately, to gain a share of mind and a share of long-term wallet. of the consumer. Gen Z is the largest, most diverse, and most geographically isolated cohort in history, representing 40% of all global consumers and holding $7 trillion in income. By 2031, Gen Zer’s income will reach $33 trillion, surpassing that of Millennials. Companies can’t afford to miss it.”

Offering focused specialist publishing, media, consulting and production services under one roof, Thred Media provides a vast network of Gen Z influencers, activists, entrepreneurs and social media communities to which companies tap to access this valuable information. Unlike other offerings in the industry, Thred Media has over 200,000 social media followers and an all-Gen Z writing, production and consulting team. The team can provide first-hand data, up-to-date trend analysis and a true Gen Z approach to strategy, to engage and leverage the contributions of a game-changing generation.

Jenk Oz continues, “Great companies – those with sustained and remarkable success – recognize that they must harness data-driven insights and behavioral economics to make effective business decisions. As a generation, Gen Z wields great influence and undeniably impacts the way companies communicate with their customers, across the globe.

Now we want to be able to share this knowledge and expertise with companies looking to unleash their social purpose and understand how they can benefit from becoming champions of social change. The importance of this extends beyond corporate profits – it is fundamental to a healthy economy, job creation and constant innovation.

Our vision is to help companies discover their potential by allowing them to get much closer to Generation Z than before. Insights from Thred Media will enable teams at any company to find answers to their most valuable questions, directly from a Gen Z audience, globally.

For more information on how Thred Media can help you unleash your social purpose and become a champion of the social era, please contact [email protected]

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