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A new genre film production company, Stoked Film Group, has been launched


Thomas Jane and Kara Hayward in “Slayers”, one of the first Stoked Film Group films. Photograph by Riley Yazzie

Stoked Film Group, a new genre production company founded by former NBA player Jarnell Stokes, writer-director K. Asher Levin and producer Daniel Cummings, announced its launch today.

The company will develop and produce film and television projects and its multi-picture roster already includes two finished films, Killers and To dig.

Killers stars Thomas Jane, Abigail Breslin and Malin Akerman. The film centers on a group of famous influencers whose visit to a billionaire’s mansion ends up trapping them in a vampire’s lair.

To dig also stars Jane, alongside Harlow Jane, Emile Hirsch and Liana Liberato. Currently in post-production, the film tells the story of a widowed father and his daughter whose house is to be demolished. A threatening couple takes them hostage in an attempt to obtain what is hidden under the domain.

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Emile Hirsch (L), Liana Liberato (C) and Thomas Jane (R) in To dig. Courtesy of Stoked Film Group

For the next Stoked Film Group project, Levin will lead the murder mystery comic thriller Helene is dead. In it, a directionless young woman named Addie goes to a dinner party to confront her boyfriend and cousin Helen, who are sleeping behind her back together. But once there, she learns that Helen is dead and that no one in her orbit is above suspicion.

Helene is dead is now in the process of being cast, and main filming will begin in December of this year.

Additional titles in development under the Stoked banner include Rage and Meat rack.

In a statement, Stokes said the “substantial market for original and high content aimed at genre audiences” prompted the founding of Stoked Film Group. The company’s projects range from slasher to action to thriller. As they position themselves as a new player in the genre space, they say their goal is to load their productions with the social commentary and irreverent humor that became the hallmark of genre hits of the mid-90s. .

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“Partnering with Asher and Daniel on these projects will get us out of the door strong and we couldn’t be more excited. The public will know what to expect when they see the Stoked label next door, ”says Stokes.

Levin adds: “With our team, we have the resources and expertise to deliver content with a distinctive voice that’s fun as hell. [and has] lasting, emblematic and re-viewable moments.

Cummings says Stoked Film Group’s production model provides an ideal entry point for emerging and under-represented voices working in the genre. “The diverse backgrounds of Jarnell, Asher and I allow us to connect with a wide range of artists and audiences,” he explains.

Levin and Cummings will oversee a production team that prioritizes high-quality storytelling and develop concepts across genres and formats for theatrical content, direct to consumer and distribution partners. Stoked Film Group continues to grow its team, content and distribution partners, and will roll out its initial roster in 2022.

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