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A state-of-the-art video production studio at the Catalyst Center


The Davis School District, the second largest school district in Utah, wanted a new state-of-the-art video and audio production space for its new vocational and technical school called The Catalytic Center. The production space would allow students to experiment and use technology to prepare them for careers in the video and audio production industry.

The project included a video production studio with a 20′(W) x 10′(H) curved LED virtual production screen (1.58MM pixel pitch), with camera motion tracking and integration of development using Unreal Engine, LED studio lighting, video control a separate audio-video control room and a screening room to review students’ finished projects.

For audio production, the facility includes a master recording suite, four editing suites, a Foley stage, an editing computer training lab, and additional full-featured video and audio production equipment.

Get the Catalyst Center Video Production Studio contract

In April 2021, the Davis School District reached out to Ford AV, the business integrator headquartered in Oklahoma City, Okla. Approximately 15 school officials were invited to participate in proposal interviews and Ford AV sent its local sales manager, project manager and chief sales engineer to give a presentation.

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Members of the school district were impressed with Ford AV’s passion. One thing that the national integration company did differently from other bidders was that they visited the construction site of the new school before their interview with the client, which was not done by the other integrators. Ultimately, Ford AV was chosen and asked to provide the design and installation for the $1.2 million project.

Take on the challenge

Lead times were very tight, especially with supply chain shortages, but Ford AV immediately stepped in and began providing design direction as well as equipment orders. Some design changes from the architect’s original plans were required, but Ford AV put a detailed plan in place to ensure the project was implemented within the client’s schedule.

For example, the lighting that had been specified for the video studio was appropriate for live performances, but not for a video production environment. Ford AV made sure the proper lighting grid and light fixtures for the space were supplied and installed.

Despite the fact that Ford AV was contracted directly by the school district, constant coordination was required with the architect, general contractor, and other construction trades on site.

The Ford AV superintendent and project manager communicated effectively, ensuring continued progress. Ford also ensured that a sufficient amount of human resources with the appropriate expertise were applied to the project, ensuring that Ford’s part of the installation would be completed and the school instructors would be trained in time for the courses. begin January 19, 2022.

The Catalyst Center Video Production Studio – A Learning Center for All

The Davis School District couldn’t be happier with Ford’s design and installation. Tours of the Catalyst Center’s production studio are held on a weekly basis, attracting a lot of interest from other school districts around the country, as well as businesses and industry members. Local businesses in the area are interested not only in using the institution’s resources, but also in hiring its students with the expertise they gain at the Catalyst Center.

Equipment Highlights

  • Absen A2715 PLUS, 1.58MM
  • JBL subwoofer
  • lg poster
  • Sony Bravia 4k UHD

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