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A young director realizes her dream of having her own production company


According to a study conducted by San Diego State University and the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, women make up less than 25% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors and cinematographers working on television. the 100 highest-grossing films. in 2019. Despite those odds stacked against her, Nachela Knox turned her dreams into reality by starting her own production company, GotGetHer Productions.

As a child growing up in Cornelius, North Carolina, Knox said she always had a passion for theater and film. She said her mother traveled hundreds of miles to drive her to different auditions all over town and in nearby communities. Knox said that although she impressed the directors and other staff during auditions, growing up in a single-parent household, they often couldn’t afford it.

“It looked like I would go to the audition and they would still want me, and then we got to the financial part and we couldn’t do it,” Knox said. “So it’s something that I’ve been pursuing for the longest time because it’s the only thing that interests me… I’ve never done sports, it’s always been acting, acting, acting. “

Always fascinated by drama and theater and determined to make it happen, after high school Knox attended UNC Greensboro (UNCG) where she majored in acting, but after her sophomore year Knox decided to switch specialty for cinema. “I auditioned for the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) program at UNCG and didn’t get in,” Knox said.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do, but everyone kept telling me I would be a good director…and honestly, I ran from that the longest because I had the feeling that if I had started directing it was because I had failed as an actress. But when I finally made the decision to change my major and started to learn more and to doing more things gave me a different feeling and I liked that feeling more because when you’re directing you’re controlling and you’re not doing anything. I don’t have that as an actor.

Knox said that in college she discovered a world she didn’t know existed. She said that by connecting with the Triad acting community, she learned about the world of independent cinema and how to create and distribute her own content.

After college, Knox returned to her hometown. Although she has released several shorts and collaborated with production companies large and small, Knox said she was not satisfied. “The thing they don’t tell you in film school is that just because you have a film degree, you can call Tyler Perry Studios and have a job,” Knox continued.

“If you go to school to be a doctor, by the time you graduate you can apply to be a doctor…you can’t do that in a movie. So it was very frustrating to be at home and not be able to do what I love.

After thinking about it, Knox moved to Winston-Salem and decided to take a leap of faith and start his own production company. Knox credited Garrett Davis, CEO of GDavis Productions, for showing her the ropes and giving her the confidence she needed to pursue her dreams. Knox said she didn’t know what to name her new business at first, but one day “GoGetHer” occurred to her.

“I’ve always been the type of person to go get what I want…because I felt like I had to, like I had to get there somehow, so GoGetHer fits perfectly. “, said Knox. “And it’s written with an ‘H’ because I wanted to point out that … there aren’t a lot of female directors in general and it’s certainly not a lot of black female directors. The film industry is dominated by white men…there are a lot of black female directors, but you just don’t know who they are because it can be hard to get the recognition you deserve.

Today, GoGetHer Productions offers a wide variety of services, including directing, creative consultations, cinematography, writing, casting, and acting services. Next month, Knox and his team will begin filming the movie “Coma Couch.” The film, which is the first feature film released by GoGetHer Productions, is written, directed and produced by Knox.

“Coma Couch” is a comedy about a young woman named Briella who runs away to the small town of Maple Creek in hopes of escaping her abusive husband. However, she quickly realizes that her problems have only just begun when she receives an old sofa with a unique magic – when men sit on it, they immediately fall into a coma.

Knox described the film as a “comedy fantasy”. She said she wanted to give viewers something they had never seen before. She said her goal was to make “Coma Couch” a classic within the black community, like Ice Cube and DJ Pooh’s “Friday.”

“If you think about it, there aren’t a lot of dark fantasy comedies. It’s a magical fantasy comedy and the characters are very interesting,” Knox said. loved it, so I’m excited to spin it up and release it. I think it will be well received. »

When asked what advice she would give to young girls or boys to help them pursue their dreams, Knox replied, “Don’t give up.

“My message would be not to give up. Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to achieve, you can do it as long as you don’t give up and as long as you don’t stop believing in that dream,” Knox said. “It’s been a dream I’ve had since I was literally five years old and there’s been a lot of people saying I can’t be an actor or a filmmaker. But here I am. I’m 23 and I’m preparing to do a feature film that has LA producers hooked up, and so many other opportunities.That alone feels like a dream, but it’s my reality right now.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched to help defray the production costs of Coma Couch. For more information or to donate, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/coma-couch#/. For more information about GoGetHer Productions, visit https://www.gogetherproductions.com/ or “@gogetherproductions” on Instagram.