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Aamir Khan’s Production House Releases ‘Subpar’ Apology Video and Fans Think It’s Fake


Anything related to Bollywood and its actors is usually always shrouded in controversy. But the kind of controversy we witnessed surrounding the film Laal Singh Chaddha was like never before.

Long before its theatrical release, Aamir Khan’s starring film came under social media scrutiny to the point that the boycott campaign ended up directly affecting the film’s sales, which was rather unimpressive. .

Now, weeks after its release, another controversy has erupted around its name after an apology video was posted on Aamir Khan Productions’ social media pages on Thursday night.


Forcing people to think the account was “hacked”, the video begins with words like “Michami Dukkadam” which loosely translates to “may all my inappropriate actions be of no consequence”.

In the meantime, a voiceover in the video can be heard saying, “We are all human beings and we only make mistakes. Sometimes by our words and sometimes by our actions, sometimes we do it unknowingly and sometimes when we we’re angry.”

He goes on to say, “We also hurt people with our jokes and sometimes without talking. If I have hurt your feelings in any way, I apologize with my heart, my promise and my being.”

All the while Karan Johar’s theme song Kal Ho Naa Ho can be heard playing lightly in the background, giving the video a rather serious and dark feel.

Several people took to the comments section to drop remarks such as “Bhai ye shi main Aamir ne tweet kiya hai?”, while another wrote, “This account is hacked for sure..”

At the same time, people offered the actor a salty solution as one user wrote, “Bhai tumari sab galtiyo ka ek hi prayshchit hai. Retreat lo!”

Meanwhile, it remains to be confirmed whether or not the video is genuine and was actually released by Aamir Khan’s production team or was hacked.