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Actor Jack Settipane’s production company Lesnik Entertainment brings three new projects to theaters and streaming


Los Angeles, Calif.–(Newsfile Corp. – April 22, 2022) – With streaming services increasing accessibility and demand for content around the world, we are living in a golden age of entertainment. The streaming boom is a unique boon to the blossoming careers of many up-and-coming actors, screenwriters, directors, and producers. New production companies and streaming platforms are springing up to feed the modern audience’s voracious appetite for entertainment. Lesnik Entertainment is one such production company aiming to make a name for itself amid the streaming boom. Founded by actor and filmmaker Jack Settipane and his longtime producing partner Dakota Kieras, the company has one feature film and several successful shorts to its credit so far.

Lesnik now hopes to take it to the next level with three original film and television productions.


Seven years of preparation Remains is a gritty post-apocalyptic psychological horror thriller. The film follows the remaining members of a group of survivors living in a dystopian wasteland. They search for a better life amid terrifying monsters and human dangers. Lesnik founder Jack Settipane directs and stars in the film alongside ER Ruiz (Sons of Anarchy, American Sniper), Tavo Betancourt (4 million subscribers), Telemundo star Nashla Aguilar (1 million subscribers) and Inna Moll (1 million subscribers).

As the horror movie market proves to be one of the most lucrative in the entertainment industry, Lesnik expects high returns on its modest budget. On average, horror films generate an average return on investment of 600%, with some of the top performing films reaching over 2,000%. Even low-rated or poorly-received horror movies generally do well at the box office, with some of the lowest-rated movies in the genre still grossing more than 100 times their original budget.

Lesnik Entertainment also has two cartoon sitcoms in post-production. Both shows will feature beloved comedians Andy Dick and Fred Stoller in recurring roles.

This moon show

This moon show follows the misadventures of a cast of characters surrounding a nail salon in Los Angeles. In the series, the mundane lives of Moon and her husband, Chicken Man, are constantly interrupted by the senseless antics of those around them. Voiced by TikTok sensation moontellthat (13.3 million subscribers), Moon is the owner of Moon’s Nail Salon, a one-of-a-kind place that attracts a cast of goofy characters, including sassy nail stylist Andy (voiced by Andy Dick), regular Fred Lounge (voiced by Fred Stoller of Rick and Morty), and clumsy policeman Dave (voiced by Settipane). The show is both absurdly funny and true to the unpredictability of life in Los Angeles.


Set in what would be the 1960s, survivors is an animated comedy following an idiosyncratic group of survivors in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Led by charming and incompetent leader Mason (voiced by Settipane), the group hole up in a Malibu beach house, where they get into all sorts of wacky stuff. Telemundo star Nashla Aguilar is also joining the cast in a starring role as lesbian hippie Kyla. A funny and charming take on a typically dark genre, survivors breathes new life into the undead.

Bringing new productions to audiences around the world

With so much time, effort, and love invested in these projects, the team at Lesnik Entertainment hopes to see them hit screens around the world as soon as possible. “I am thrilled to launch these projects after years of work,” says Settipane. “We had so much fun making them, albeit painful at times, and we know people are going to have fun watching them…hopefully without the painful part.” With so many stars and influencers attached, the buzz for each of these productions builds quickly, and Lesnik Entertainment doesn’t like to keep fans waiting. The company hopes to strike a distribution deal in the coming months.

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