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Adele postpones Vegas shows, citing impact of coronavirus on production team


“I’m so sorry, but my show isn’t ready,” she said in the video.

“We tried absolutely everything we could to get it in place on time and to get it good enough for you, but we were absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and covid. Half my crew, the half of my team are down with covid. They still are,” she added, apologizing to fans who traveled to watch her.

“I’m disgusted, and I’m sorry it’s at the last minute; we’ve been awake for over 30 hours now trying to figure it out, and we’re out of time,” Adele said. “I’m really embarrassed.”

She promised that all dates would be rescheduled.

Adele announced on January 20 that her Las Vegas residency would be postponed, citing delivery delays and her crew members testing positive for coronavirus. (Reuters)

The British singer’s announcement came a day before the opening of the Vegas show, ‘Weekends With Adele’, the start of a residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace which was due to run until April 16. Ticket prices ranged from a few hundred dollars up to $30,000 on resale sites, according to Forbes.

Some fans, many of whom had been looking forward to Vegas, were angry at the lack of notice.

“I traveled all the way from Sydney Australia to see Adele tomorrow in Vegas. I spent thousands of dollars on this trip and now she canceled the day before. Very unprofessional and heartbroken,” wrote a person on Twitter.

“I’m so overwhelmed” wrote another one.

Others were more optimistic“I’ve landed in Las Vegas to find Adele’s concert tomorrow has been canceled as I heard it was likely to happen. Those tickets will wait for another day. But here I am! I still love Adele. Life is short and precious, and I’m glad I at least tried.

“We understand the disappointment surrounding the postponement,” Caesars Palace said in a statement. declaration. “Adele is an incredible artist, extremely dedicated to her music and her fans. Creating a show of this magnitude is incredibly complex.

Pop star Pink said she understood the pressures, writing on Instagram: “Honey, I’ve been there. The pressure is immense and I’m disgusted for all of you. It will come together and it will be amazing when it does. American poet Amanda Gorman also commented, “We love you, thank you for doing the right thing even when it’s not easy.

Some fans wrote online that they were planning to meet up in Vegas anyway and suggested gathering outside the Colosseum later Friday to sing Adele’s hit “Hold On” through loudspeakers to rally and comfort the pop star.