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After Marathi serial actor’s outster, village sarpanch asks production house to stop filming


A few days after famous Marathi actor Kiran Mane was ousted from a popular television show allegedly because of his political views on social media, the sarpanch of a village in Satara district, where the series is filmed, has sent a letter to the production house asking him to stop filming.

The show – ‘Mulgi Zali Ho’ – a Marathi language television series, aired on ‘Star Pravah’ channel, starred Mane as Vilas Patil. Mane alleged on Friday that he had been officially asked not to appear at the sets and that they (the manufacturers) had not officially informed him of the reason for this decision. “However, off the record, someone on the show said it happened because of the comments I make on social media,” he told PTI.

Filming for the Marathi serial is underway at a wada (traditional mansion) in Gulumb village, Wai tehsil, Satara district, western Maharashtra.

The sarpanch woman, who signed the letter written at the show’s production house could not be reached for comment, but the production team coordinator claimed on Sunday that the letter was issued ” inadvertently” and that the filming in the village is still on without any problem. The letter, signed by village sarpanch Swati Mane, is going viral on social media. He condemns the Marathi film industry ”for removing an actor who expressed his political views”.

The letter said that the series crew should not forget that in Maharashtra, democracy still works on the ideology of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, Mahatma Phule and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

He said the gram panchayat is denying permission for the filming of the series which takes place in Gulumb village.

The production house’s executive producer and team coordinator, Sachin Sasane, however, said the letter was issued ”inadvertently” and claimed the local body in the village was of the opinion that the filming of the series was to continue.

He claimed that the shooting gave a source of income and job opportunities to the villagers. “How is it justifiable to stop the means of employment and gain inhabitants for a man, who was fired not because of his political views, but because of his bad conduct,” he said. he declares.

Sasane claimed that the letter was signed without hearing from their side (production house), but when the gram panchayat was presented from the other side, filming resumed.

Meanwhile, Mahadev Mhaskar, former vice president of Satara Zilla Parishad and a resident of Gulumb village said, “The problem is between the actor and the production house. Local residents are not connected to the case and we have asked members of the gram panchayat and the sarpanch to call a meeting and issue a clarification about it.” The shooting generated jobs in the village and the series also sends a positive message about baby girl, he says. Despite repeated attempts, the sarpanch could not be reached for comment.

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