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Aims to eliminate clutter on Crypto Education


The Not-So-Odd Couple: An Indie Production Company and Its Relationship With a Decentralized Cryptocurrency

As strong supporters of Zcash, the team at 37 Laines has observed that so many of the biggest players in the industry (founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterinfounders of gemini Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, angel investor Naval Ravikant) love Zcash because of its revolutionary use of new forms of cryptography, Zcash was flying completely under the mainstream radar. In August 2021, 37 Laines has taken the first step to help educate the general public about how Zcash and its revolutionary technology (specifically its research on Zero Knowledge Proofs) could affect the entire cryptocurrency industry. To fund the production of their first videos, 37 Laines sought to participate in a funding model as forward-thinking as the Zcash technology itself – the Zcash Development Fund.

Every 75 seconds, a new “block” in the Zcash “blockchain” – the fundamental technology underlying all cryptocurrencies – leads to freshly minted Zcash coins that primarily go to “miners” securing the Zcash network. However, a portion of those coins go to a community-run treasury called the The Zcash Community Grant Program (ZCG)which is administered under the aegis of the non-profit association Zcash Foundation. This cash can then be used by ZCG to fund projects that help grow the Zcash ecosystem. Rather than creating a channel based on a pay-per-view model, 37 Laines believed that by choosing a community-funded approach, they could maintain the integrity of their channel and encourage the production of high-quality, thoughtful education. quality on the potentials of Zcash technology. Thus, 37 Laines applied directly to the Zcash community to fund their educational videos.

After a thorough and transparent review process where the entire Zcash community can read and comment on 37 Laines’ proposed production plan and budget, the five members elected by the ZCG community voted to fund 37 Laines. first grant proposaltotaling $208,014, to produce a Zcash educational short documentary with mainstream appeal. Fueled by the community’s confidence in 37 Laines’ potential to help bring the Zcash project to a general audience, the 37 Laines team immediately began planning and producing their first video. After criss-crossing the United States and interviewing experts from around the world via video conference, 37 Laines compiled the nearly 20 interviews they collected into an easily understandable and in-depth introduction to not only the roots of crypto, but why a crypto -privacy preserving currency like Zcash is so important.

A world first for a global community

In March 202237 Yarns submitted a second grant proposal to ZCG, totaling $213,200, to secure funding to complete the Zcash Media team and build a team of marketing experts, editors, producers, animators and consultants to make a world premiere of their first video. This proposal was also unanimously approved by ZCG and the Zcash Media team was assembled. With the support of ZCG funding, Zcash Media released its first video titled Future Money: What is Zcash? first on friday april 22.

“Most of the team here at 37 Laines are Zcash users and understand that the newness and technological complexity of Zcash, not to mention cryptocurrencies in general, is a barrier to entry. This project has given us the opportunity to marry our expertise in producing cinematic-quality videos with our experience in communicating highly technical topics. We believe that making videos in this way will allow our work to stand the test of time and help flatten the steep learning curve for new crypto/Zcash users,” said Natacha MynhierFounder, writer and director of 37 Laines.

To wrap up its official “launch phase”, Zcash Media will release the second of two original short documentaries, The End of the Zcash Trust Setup: Who is? John Dobbertin?, this will explain Zcash’s “Halo” upgrade – the most transformative Zcash protocol upgrade to date. The video will also feature the long-awaited reveal of the pseudonym John Dobbertina participant in the Zcash setup process in 2016. This video will also be featured on Zcash Media’s Youtube and Odyssey channels later this week. Subscribe to both channels to be one of the first to see it and follow Zcash Media on Twitter to keep up to date with their efforts.

Longer term, Zcash Media will continue its current efforts to increase awareness of Zcash and drive adoption by regularly releasing new educational content. As part of this sustained effort, 37 Laines hinted at its plans to scale Zcash Media and grow its audience by introducing alternative distribution platforms, multilingual dubbed videos, and additional topic videos into the media space. cryptocurrency.

About 37 yarns
37 Laines is an award-winning film production house led by Natacha Mynhier and Jeff Hammerton. out of their office Santa Monica, California, 37 Laines produces high-quality creative work for clients across the United States, including branded content, commercials, short films, music videos, digital content, web series, live events and documentaries. The team has created content for brands like Netflix, Marvel, ESPN and Vogue, supported directors like Vincent Peone and Shruti Gangulyand recently won a Gold Award at the 2020 Young Director’s Awards for their short film, In a beat.

About Zcash Media
Zcash Media, a division of 37 Laines, is a team of filmmakers, writers, scientists, and marketing experts whose mission is to create and distribute documentary-like educational content about Zcash and related technologies.

About the Zcash Community Grants Committee
ZCG was established after the Zcash Canopy upgrade in 2020 and receives 8% from the Zcash Development Fund, along with the Electric Coin Company and Zcash Foundation, which receive 7% and 5% of the development fund respectively. Since its inception, ZCG has allocated funds to help third parties build tools and aid in the adoption of Zcash.

Natacha MynhierFounder of 37 Wools
David Boyerproducer and screenwriter for 37 Laines
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Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Nr1VL5dGU

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