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Anushka Sharma leaves her production company to focus on acting

Anouchka Sharma (Facebook)

Mumbai–Anushka Sharma left Clean Slate Filmz (CSF), a production banner she co-founded with her brother Karnesh Ssharma in 2013.

The actress shared the news of her departure from the production company via social media on Saturday.

The actress wants to dedicate her time to acting and this decision allows her to devote her time and resources to her first love which is acting. The move makes Karnesh the sole decision maker and puts him in charge of business at Clean Slate Filmz.

Taking to her Instagram, Anushka shared a long note, writing in the caption, “Onwards and Upwards @kans26 @officialcsfilms! My best wishes are always with you!!”

The actress shared in the long note, “When I started Clean Slate Filmz with my brother Karnesh Ssharma, we were new to production, but we had a fire in our stomachs and wanted to try and set the agenda. entertainment in India. through decluttering content. Today, when I look back on our journey thus far, I am deeply proud of what we have created and the disruption we have managed to achieve.

Mentioning the reason behind the decision, she said, “While CSF started with my vision to change the narrative of what business projects should be, I have to thank Karnesh who excelled in shaping what CSF has become today. today. As a new mother who has chosen to be an actress by profession, I have to balance my life in an entirely new way like never before.

She continued: “So, I have decided that whatever time I have, I will devote it to my first love, the theater! Therefore, I have decided to withdraw from the CSF, convinced that the person more capable, Karnesh, furthers the vision with which he was created in the first place.

Anushka sent her best wishes to Karnesh saying that the production house will get better and better under Karnesh’s leadership.

She added, “I will continue to be Karnesh and CSF’s biggest cheerleader and hope to be a part of many messy projects that CSF produces. I can’t wait to see how he grows the business stronger and stronger with the stellar lineup of projects he has handpicked, nurtured and brought to life. My best wishes to the entire CSF family. I love you all!”

For Anushka, the only point of interest is her acting career now that she is returning to acting with ‘Chakda Xpress’ after her pregnancy. (IANS)