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Australian visual agency and production house Crater lands in MENA – Campaign Brief

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Australian production house and visual agency “CRATER” is launching in Dubai, extending the company’s global reach from its headquarters in Sydney and expanding its international offering from London and European markets.

CRATER offers its clientele an “always on” approach with its multi-territory presence that leverages each other to enable round-the-clock campaign delivery. Its core team in each region works in unison to tackle briefs and creative, as well as production set-up and execution. This sees a unique setup for its clients and brands to produce visual content globally and at a rapid pace that its audience demands.

CRATER ME is led by company founder Simon Morehead and James Hulbert, a Dubai-based director and producer who brings a wealth of local knowledge to the outfit. Both are film industry veterans with decades of experience producing long-form series across internationally acclaimed shows for Netflix and the BBC, as well as an abundance of short credits and award-winning commercial work.

Says Morehead: “Home to a collective of directors located across the globe (Australia, Dubai, UK, Netherlands), CRATER pools their knowledge and expertise to approach every brief and campaign from a truly unique, it’s important that our clients are exposed to more than one creative head from the start.We believe that a combination of many great minds creates content that is a bit different and strays from the norm.

Hulbert says, “While we can be confident with our approaches, we encourage our administrators to question the briefs and turn them around. Delivering a little extra pizzazz that we know will turn heads and keep the audience’s eyes on the in-game visuals.”

CRATERS’ work and the combined skills of multiple disciplines means the company works across a plethora of media that includes TV commercials, social media, music videos, short films and interactive content.

A local partnership with BEATRICE OFFICE – The creative technology company, known for its work in virtual reality/augmented reality, immersive worlds, OOH and the metaverse, provides a set of complementary skills that will allow CRATER to provide its customers with content on formats multi-layered.

Although it won’t officially hit the sands until January, CRATER is firing on all cylinders, assembling an impressive roster of agencies and brands across the region. Recent projects have seen CRATER work on a number of high-profile campaigns for high-profile clients in the automotive, fashion, travel and FMCG industries.

See work at CRATER.GLOBAL.

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