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Bears Announce New Game Day Production Team Vitality Blast


Noreen Khan

©Birmingham Bears

Aatif Nawaz

Aatif Nawaz

©Birmingham Bears

With just six weeks to go until this year’s Vitality Blast opener in Edgbaston, the Bears have confirmed members of a new off-court team to support the in-bowl experience and live stream for those tuning in to the House.

BBC Asian Network radio and TV presenter Noreen Khan will be one of the hosts to enter the pitch, while fans will also be able to watch six* of Bears Vitality Blast games at Edgbaston from home in a new program matchday event hosted by BBC Test Match Special commentator and stand-up comedian Aatif Nawaz.

Aatif will be joined by longtime Bears commentator Adam Bridge of the BBC and talkSPORT, and matchday guests including Issy Wong and Ian Bell.

Additionally, tracking the Bears at home will be enhanced in 2022 by live streaming specialists Stoneheart Media, who produce the live broadcast at Trent Bridge. Following feedback from members and supporters, Stoneheart will provide more camera angles and replays to the T20 matchday production at Edgbaston.

Aatif Nawaz said: “It’s a huge honor for me to host the Bears live stream this season. I’ve been a long time fan not only of the Bears but also of the city of Birmingham and I’m really delighted to make Edgbaston my second home this summer.

Noreen Khan said: “As a huge cricket fan, I am really delighted to be part of Vitality Blast’s host team. What is even better for me is that I can host matches on any of my favorite cricket grounds, Edgbaston!

Kirsty Lord, CEO of Stoneheart Media, said: “We are really excited to be able to work with Bears ambitions to make the 2022 Blast campaign stream a must-see attraction.

“Edgbaston is a great backdrop for exciting cricket and to have the opportunity to turn this into a streaming event is a privilege.”