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Big Damo (Killian Dain) discusses Sanity’s entrance and praises the WWE production team


Big Damo (formerly Killian Dain in WWE) was impressed with Sanity’s entrance the first time he saw her.

For almost the first three years of his time in NXT/WWE, Big Damo was one of the members of Sanity along with Eric Young, Nikki Cross and Alexander Wolfe. The group, who once held the NXT Tag Team titles, are perhaps best known for two things; first, their WarGames 2017 match, and second, their entry.

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Speaking to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp (full interview above), Big Damo noted that the entry was cut slightly when the band moved the SmackDown to April 2018. Beyond that, however, he did said he got goosebumps the first time he saw him, admitting he almost forgot what to do.

“I think they cut thirty seconds at the end, because it was a really long entrance. So it wasn’t quite the same on SmackDown, so they didn’t really get to see all the the ins and outs of coming in. When we first did it in NXT, I was actually watching it before Sawyer Fulton got injured. I’ve got goosebumps.” Suddenly I’m in it and I’m like, ‘Ah, what am I doing?’ It was very cool because Alexander Wolfe and Nikki Cross, they really got lost in character and they really brought something to it. You have EY sputtering in front of the camera all the time. It was very cool to to be part of, very nice to watch” he said.

Big Damo went on to say that being a part of WWE 2K18 was a cool experience for them, adding that WWE has always done a great job showcasing their entry, whether it’s in a video game or at a live event. He told Fightful that the experience on the production side of the business is one of the best things about being part of WWE.

“I remember when they revealed, I think it was 2k18, and they used Sanity’s entrance as a reveal, that was a really cool experience for us. Because that was the first video where they had used our input, like the
entrance for four people, like the video clip. It was very cool that that was what they used because we loved being part of it, loved the atmosphere. You have to have the right timing and all that. It was very cool, all the effects. Even when we were doing the live version, they were still doing really cool things with the lights at the house shows. When they were doing the live events, they always made such a good effort with the lighting and the music, the smoke effects, whatever. So everyone would be super pumped as we made our entrance. It was one of the cool things to do because that’s the part of WWE you want to experience, it’s that production side of things and we really have to experience that. You can’t compare it to
independent. Especially before the live performances and the boom, that’s it. It was amazing,”
he said.

Sanity disbanded in April 2019, and Big Damo returned to NXT, where he would form a partnership with Drake Maverick. In June 2021, Damo was released by WWE, leaving Nikki Cross as the only band member to remain with the company.

Next up for Big Damo is a return to New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he will face Tomohiro Ishii at NJPW STRONG: Mutiny on April 10, 2022. Fightful will have the results of the event immediately after its conclusion.