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BLACK LEMON – The first NFT production house in the middle


BYBLOS, Lebanon, Aug 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Recently, BLACK LEMON announced that it will be launching its $ BOM token on Pancakeswap and Moonlift DEX. For people who have always been drawn to the latest trends in digital art, games, and technology, NFT is the new way to invest money in the crypto space. NFT currently covers the games, collectibles, digital art and real estate segments.

Non-fungible tokens provide ownership of unique digital and physical assets. Blockchain technology proves ownership of NFTs and secures tokens, which can only have one legitimate owner at a time. There is no method to edit the property record or even copy and paste a new NFT.

If users are fans of games, digital art, virtual reality experiences and collectibles in the crypto space, the BLACK LEMON project is the perfect place to meet their needs.


BLACK LEMON, a one-of-a-kind NFT production house in the MENA region, seeks to deliver a one-of-a-kind ‘Experience to Earn’ model and strives to become the premier NFT producer with one primary focus: Produce, Network, promote and sell unique and epic niche NFT experiences and artwork.

BLACK LEMON, having launched in Lebanon and soon to expand to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, works to integrate the region into the rapidly evolving NFT industry through its many services of NFT VR experiences, gaming platforms, creative NFT production, NFT academy and crypto, a launch pad for creators, etc. Its platform is meant to be bilingual, providing the latest NFT and crypto news, as well as educational and media content in both English and Arabic.

With considerable experience and expertise in the NFT, art and digital production industries, the platform will support celebrities, talents, artists, creators and gamers around the world and especially in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) by taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

Anyone can invest in the BLACK LEMON project in its early days by pre-ordering their SEED NFTs at the next whitelist sale, which offers many lucrative opportunities to their holders, such as passive income generation and knocking down. BLACK LEMON. BEP20 token $ BOM, which will launch in early September on Pancakeswap and Moonlift DEX. SEED NFT holders will also be able to vote and influence important business decisions.

In addition, to maintain the “rarity” value of TVN, BLACK LEMON only generated 1001 TVN, 346 which are the NFT SEED. With 219 already gone, 46 with the team and the rest sold in a private sale that closed at 426.5K BUSD, only 127 SEED NFTs remain available over the next whitelist sale, with the whitelist process starting August 17-31.

Furthermore, NFT SEEDS holders can win 5% of the turnover of the 590 DTV, allowing them to generate passive income. When purchasing a NFT SEEDS, holders also get DTV incentives.

The project’s Tokenomics strategy includes several models that apply token buyback to continue funding its “Experience to Earn” model with $ BOM.

What are the advantages of owning NFT BLACK LEMON SEED?

BLACK LEMON is a one-of-a-kind NFT Crypto project with an original concept and ecosystem, with its SEED NFT holders enjoying a plethora of benefits:

Voting power – Allows members to influence the decisions of BLACK LEMON, giving them decision-making power.

The power of strike – They have a staking and hit multiplier for BLACK LEMON’s $ BOM token.

Passive income – They can earn 5% of the 590 profits from NFT sales, allowing them to generate passive income.

Sophisticated creations – NFT SEEDs are luxuriously designed with 4K rendering quality, custom sound effects, variety of media used, with DIVINE AMETHYST SEED providing access to virtual reality experience.

What interesting projects are they preparing?

Since the launch of the BLACK LEMON project three months ago, the start-up has achieved many goals. The team is proud of the huge success of its first private sales of SEED NFT, as well as its growing team of specialists and supporters.

BLACK LEMON is also participating in the rapid expansion of blockchain-based gaming economies by creating NFT games using Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

Other services provided by the project include The Creative Factory, The NFT Scene, The NFT Academy, The Creator’s Launchpad, VR MUSEUM & Gallery, and many more.

BLACK LEMON is more than just a platform, it is a revolutionary cryptocurrency concept that will transform the industry.

Prepare to follow them on their journey and take a look at their project for you.

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