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Blue Water Area Production House Wins Two New Jersey Web Fest Podcast Awards



An email fell on the desk of Daniel Williams, creator of Huron City Radio, encouraging producers of fictional podcasts to submit their work to the New Jersey Web Fest. Williams, a British expatriate, lives with his wife and family in St. Clair, where he creates and produces the Huron City Radio podcast network.

“My life has always been a series of ‘Well why not?’ I wear this in everything I do, ”says Williams. “Some things work better than others.”

And they have work. Not only was Huron City Radio accepted into the festival, the UNHCR team would receive three nominations and win two awards. Williams would travel to New Jersey for the festival and awards show, taking home the best screenplay / writing award for his original podcast Uncle Walter’s Year of Wonders. The same podcast won the Outstanding Drama award. Local actor Marty Garavaglia, who plays Uncle Walter on the series, was also nominated for Best Principal Performance in a Fictional Podcast.

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The festival in New Jersey was an opportunity for Williams to meet other members of the fictional podcast community and showcase the Blue Water Area talent that Williams harnesses to produce the podcasts. It’s a group that includes local actors, writers, musicians and more.

Williams left New Jersey emboldened by the experience, wanting to embark on web series and even movies. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Williams wrote a movie with Tyler Moldovan, a resident of Port Huron and founder of the Desmond District Demons film festival.

“I would like to go back to where we were before the pandemic. I still want to make a movie, ”he says. “With everything I’ve learned and all the great people I’ve met and worked with, there is so much talent in the Blue Water Zone. Let’s continue like this.

In the immediate future, Williams is preparing the release of his latest creation, Mission to the gray hole, a science fiction podcast developed with Stacey Jowett and recorded and edited at Haberdasher Studios. Halloween and Christmas specials are also planned for Midnight Hour with Tom Bobbajobski, as well as the finale of this show.

“The idea is to participate in more competitions and continue to spread the word. The ultimate goal is to get our shows on the BBC, ”said Williams.

As he said: why not?

Search for “Huron City Radio” on your favorite podcast provider to listen to their award-winning, locally produced shows.

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