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Bradley Cooper launches a production house; ready to support ‘Hyperion’ at Warner Bros


Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper is teaming up with Weston Middleton, who served as associate producer on his ‘A Star Is Born’ director, to launch a new production banner.

Cooper and Middleton are working on a name for their business.

According to Deadline, under the new shingle, the duo will support “Hyperion,” based on the four-volume series of novels by Dan Simmons.

“ Hyperion, ” a project Cooper has long been in the works for, will now be adapted as a feature film at Warner Bros. Pictures and not as a limited series at Syfy as it was previously conceived.

Oscar winner Graham King is committed to producing the film as part of his GK films and will be adapted by Tom Spezialy, the Emmy-winning executive producer behind HBO’s limited series “Watchmen”.

Published by Bantam Spectra, the series “Hyperion Cantos” takes place 700 years after the death of Old Earth, where the entire galaxy is at war. Seven aliens have embarked on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the Time Tombs of planet Hyperion, each convinced that they alone hold the key to saving humanity.

There are four books in the series: ” Hyperion ” (1989), ” La Chute d’Hyperion ” (1990), ” Endymion ” (1996) and ” L’Ascension d’Endymion ” (1997).

While the search for a director is underway, executive producer Hayley King (” Depart ”) will oversee the project on behalf of GK Films.

Cooper had a six-year deal with Todd Phillips and Warner Bros. that concluded in 2019 with consecutive, critically-acclaimed commercial films like “A Star Is Born” and “Joker,” directed by Joaquin Phoenix.

The actor has a first deal with Netflix, where he is directing his new film, ” Maestro ” about legendary composer Leonard Bernstein, which is in pre-production.

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