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Bristol production company expands to become second animation studio for growing workforce


An independent animation production studio in Bristol has grown into a new studio for its growing workforce working on productions for a large US network.

A Productions, which is known for its award-winning work on children’s programs, has taken up additional space on the fourth floor of 15 Colston Street, close to the Bristol Beacon Hall in the city center.

The company, which has 150 employees, has an existing studio on Old Market Street where it will continue to work on productions for CBeeebies.

The company’s new facility will allow it to do animation work for HBO Max, which screened a special program it produced for Sesame Workshop, the organization behind the long-running American show. for children. Sesame Street.

The monster at the end of the story , the first-ever Sesame Street animated special in more than 50 series in the series, earned A Productions and collaborators an award from the Royal Television Society (RTS) West of England, as well as two Daytime Emmy nominations.

Productions chief executive Katherine McQueen, who co-founded the company with animation director Mark Taylor in 1985, said the company was “delighted” to have developed a second studio in Bristol, which she described as “a production hotbed for television and film.”

Ms. McQueen said, “This expansion will support our extremely talented and growing team, our strong production pipeline and allow us to invest more in new projects in development.”

Ms McQueen added that the company was “proud” of its recent success at the RTS West of England Awards, where a CBeebies program she produced, Jo Jo and Gran Gran, was also nominated in the children and entertainment category.

The program is the first preschool animated series in the UK to focus on a black British family and won the Best Preschool Program award at the Broadcast Awards in May.

Ms McQueen said: “Both shows were produced during the lockdown upheaval, and we owe a huge thank you to our staff and creative teams who have adapted to working from home and continued to deliver content at a level also fantastic. “

A Productions, which provides training for people looking to work in industry, specializes in traditional 2D and digital still images, CGI, AFX, Flash and live action, both in the studio and on location.

Bristol is also home to Academy Award winning studio Aardman Animations, the creators of Wallace and Gromit , and Wildseed Studios, which recently entered into a licensing agreement that will see its animated series Dodo aired on Cartoon Network.

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