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Content Engineers Wins Most Innovative Production House of the Year


Mumbai, Sep 21, 2022 (NewsHelpline) — An incredible honor has been bestowed upon new production house Content Engineers, led by Saurabh Varma and Utpaal Acharya, for “Most Innovative Production House 2022”. This honor was bestowed by the Global India National Stardom Award, 2022.

The award was given to content engineers for their sincere efforts in content creation, their resourceful approach to writers, and their philosophical belief that they drive content creation today.

The new-age studio won an award for its marketing initiatives that aim to create grassroots Indian content and get stories from the Indian outback. This award is supported by the Naariniti Foundation India, an organization that aims to empower women.

Filmmaker Saurabh Varma, who has previously worked with renowned production houses such as Jio Studios, INOX, Reliance Entertainment and PVR Limited, handled marketing, distribution, programming and content syndication. Varma is a distinguished storyteller and has also directed several feature films.

Saurabh Varma says, “I am very happy with the Most Innovative Production House award that we have been awarded. We will continue to work to create original IP and entertain India.

Utpaal Acharya, CEO is a veteran and has worked with INOX, Reliance Entertainment and PVR Limited in content distribution, programming and syndication.

Utpaal Acharya said, “This is indeed a golden moment for the content engineers in the team and we are striving to make the company an example of excellence in producing world-class Indian content.”

Content Engineers’ was formed with a sincere intention to invest in people and ideas. The CE team consists of a mix of experienced creative and business minds who intend to operate outside of cliched legacy formats and old-world business models. Our selective choice of movies, series and other content formats are designed to stand the test of time and defy the obvious.

Content Engineers Wins Most Innovative Production House of the Year

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