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Cooper Raiff and Clementine Quittner Start Small Idea Production Company – Deadline


Sundance award winner Cooper Raiff (Cha Cha real smooth) has teamed up with former Black Bear Pictures head of development Clementine Quittner to launch Small Ideas, a new production company that will develop and produce independent projects for film and television.

Raiff hinted at the move and even mentioned the name of his new shingle in a recent conversation with Deadline, which led him to discuss the viability of small, carefully crafted projects in the ever-changing entertainment market.

“I feel really confident about the little things. I’m going to start a company and probably call it Small Ideas,” the filmmaker said in the interview published in June. “There’s a really good, lucrative market to make little things and flip them, and if you’re okay with them being maybe like a streamer-theater duo, I think everyone should really feel good and confident to get their stuff made that they want to do.”

Driven by a commitment to protecting the passion and intent of artists, Raiff and Quittner intend to produce projects by emerging filmmakers and creators, as well as those written and directed by Raiff. Their first effort will be an undisclosed television series that Raiff will write, direct and executive produce alongside Quittner.

During his recent chat with Deadline, Raiff may have also offered a hint as to what we can expect from his as-yet-unnamed series. “After making this next movie [The Trashers], I know for a fact that the next thing I’m going to do is do a very, very, very little TV show on my own, because I’m lucky enough to have enough money to do it,” said he declared. “My goal is to totally bet on myself and turn it around like I did with Shitand the way i did with it Cha Cha.”

Raiff said in a statement today: “Clem and I are very protective of passion. We want the artists we work with to know that we believe in their stories and ideas as much as they do. I know how brutal it can be to fight for people to trust your vision, and I know what a difference it makes not to have to fight for it alone. Small Ideas knows how much a filmmaker needs love and support.

“I’m super excited to have Clem directing the show, she’s going to be the driving force behind the business,” the filmmaker added. “She elevates everything she works on and it’s a dream to be her creative and professional partner.”

“Cooper is a brilliant filmmaker and my favorite collaborator,” Quittner remarked in closing. “I look forward to working together to build a home for artists we love and artists we don’t yet know, people who want to do things differently.”

Raiff’s newest feature, Cha Cha real smooth, won the Audience Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The comedy-drama about a Bar Mitzvah party starter starring Raiff — also starring Dakota Johnson and more — won critical acclaim from Apple in June. Prior to that, the filmmaker directed the independent romance Shitwho won the SXSW Grand Jury Award in 2020. Next up for him is crime drama The Trackerswho has Licorice Pizza‘s Cooper Hoffman playing AJ—the teenage son of Connecticut trash magnate and Genovese family associate Jimmy Galante (stranger things‘ David Harbour), who is responsible for leading his minor league hockey team. Elvis‘ Olivia DeJonge is also picture-ready, which will go into production this fall.

While at Black Bear, Quittner worked across the company roster on upcoming projects such as Nyaddirected by Jimmy Chin and Chai Vasarhelyi and starring Annette Bening and Jodie Foster; The Swamp King’s Daughter, directed by Neil Burger and starring Daisy Ridley and Ben Mendelsohn; and the film adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Richard Powers, Perplexity. She also oversaw the development of exciting timesRaiff’s serial adaptation of Naoise Dolan’s romance novel, in which BridgertonPhoebe Dynevor is about to perform.