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Creative production company rebrands | Northwest Business News


Manchester-based creative production company Visual Method is changing its name to Creative Content Works (CCW).

CCW helps some of the UK’s leading retail and consumer brands bridge the gap between digital and physical experience, while reducing costs and carbon footprint.

As part of the new offering, CCW uses 3D technology to create a digital twin of any product, giving brands the ability to offer content on any channel.

Simon Moore, Marketing and Media Director at Dreams, said: “We produce over 4,000 images a year and needed a fresh approach.

“The logistics of physically filming isn’t easy with large beds, transporting from place to place, but with Creative Content Works, the solution was significantly more cost effective. Plus, it offered agility and ability to easily produce multiple looks.”

James McVitie, Managing Director of CCW, added: “The expertise of our team has grown over the years, to such an extent that we no longer only offer digital production services. By developing new technologies, we are now able to help our customers achieve their goals. objectives, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

“With this new internal approach, we decided the time was right to change our name to Creative Content Works, to highlight our new technology-focused service offering.”

CCW’s revenue grew by 300% to over £4m at the start of 2022. This exponential growth is expected to continue with the focus on breaking the £10m mark in 2023.