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Creative Production Company RYB Launches at RED Studios in Historic Hollywood


With the launch of the RYB production company, all the major components of cinema come together with a unified ambition to support artist and customer.

RYB’s distinctive chemistry begins with its location on the backlot of RED Studios in the heart of historic Hollywood. The company has a strategic partnership with RED Studios allowing RYB to provide access to unparalleled resources.

“We are an egoless production company that produces visual content for brands, artists and consumers across all mediums,” says Rob Baunoch III, Managing Director. “A creative playground where all components of a project can be executed in one place. Given our resources, as well as the collective team and skills, RYB is able to provide soup service to nuts to a higher level.”

Adopting the RED Studios motto of working with filmmakers who decided good wasn’t good enough, RYB curated a roster of cutthroat directors, each with their own unique style and path, including Aya Tanimura, Corey Wilson , Curry Sicong Tian, ​​The Freise Brothers, Jason Bergh, Mike G, Paul Scheer and Tim Mattia.

“RYB brings together artists from all walks of life to create unique, bold, and boundary-pushing works in a supportive environment that promotes and fosters collaboration, high standards, and transcendence in all forms of visual media,” says the executive producer of RYB, Jenn Mickelson.

Jenn runs day-to-day operations with Rob. Together they have overseen and overseen over 100 commercials and over 100 music videos. Jenn’s unique background as an executive producer, agency producer and her years of experience as a production manager at London Alley allow her to tackle projects head-on and solve problems in an unrivaled way. Jenn is looking for every opportunity between offers to fully exploit the potential of RYB’s roster.

In addition to Rob and Jenn, RYB is led by a strategic conjunction of talent, including VP of Development Jeremie Guiraud, Controller April Edwards, Co-Founder Jim Seibel and Co-Founder Danny Tanchauco. United by their attitudes of action, each veteran has independently touched all aspects of creation, production and finance (and proven themselves to handle the madness with grace.)

The company is the brainchild of Jim Seibel, an acclaimed producer with over 35 feature films to his credit, including Killing Them Softly and The Grey. Recognizing the difficulty of finding new voices, Jim’s intention with RYB is to nurture directorial talent who has a desire to venture into feature films and other long-form content.

“While the worlds of film studios and commercial production don’t typically overlap, RYB sits at the intersection because of our strategic partnerships,” says Rob. “Jim’s presence provides a legitimate organic support system for directors trying to transition from short-form to long-form narrative.”

Jim brought in Rob, then a senior executive at Tomorrow, whose breadth of entertainment experience spans production and consulting for film, advertising and theater for the past 15 years. Rob immediately understood the unique value proposition that RYB offered artists.

Jérémie Guiraud is the best intermediary between long content and RYB. A feature film production director for eight years working directly with Jim, Jeremie balances creative instincts with the logistical thinking required to make films.

Likewise, having Danny Tanchauco, head of operations at RED Studios, in RYB’s inner circle helps foster a dynamic environment for creatives and clients alike. With his hands-on and friendly approach, Danny truly runs the studio like a family boutique. His experience managing studios and his relationships with all the major rental houses in the country allow for flawless production every time.

Invoking their expertise from different sides of the business, RYB’s personalities all fit in perfectly, amplified by a strong sales team in Devine Reps for East and West Coast territories, and Sharon & Perry for representation. from the Midwest and Texas/Southeast. And despite the decades of experience among the core team, the RYB team emphasizes no ego and encourages true collaboration and information sharing among its directors.