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Discovery’s production crew terrorizes cast and crew


Dark Matter and Orphan Black actor Andrew Moodie recently claimed that the production crew for Star Trek: Discovery was terrorizing the cast and crew.

The actor appeared on Dark Matter Monday that airs weekly on the Orville Nation YouTube channel.

Moodie, who played Teku Fonsei in Dark Matter as well as Jacob in Star Trek: Discovery, said, “Instead of being on the set of Star Trek. That I was on the set of Star Trek. Worse experience… Sorry, I’ll be very careful what I say.

Moodie then said, “The thing I’ll say about working on Star Trek is I have to work with Jonathan Frakes and he’s a gentleman. He’s brilliant. He’s a great director. Nice human being. , so united.The cast on this set of wonderful people, wonderful people.

“But I could say … what I will say is that the crew and cast were traumatized by an ever-changing, power-dynamic production team and screenwriters room where you could just say that” they felt threatened. You could tell they felt threatened, ”he added.

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He then claimed that he had been threatened: “And I finally, the producers of Star Trek threatened me. And I was just like, ‘I don’t care.’ “

“Yes, they came after me. Yes. The showrunner was fired and there was a new showrunner. And I had to do ADR and they wanted me to redo my whole performance because the new showrunner didn’t like my acting, ultimately didn’t like my acting, ”he said. relayed.

Moodie said, “And I’m like, ‘Okay. Well, it’s okay. Art is subjective. Basically, it’s subjective. So you can’t do anything. Maybe I love the Rolling Stones, you can hate the Rolling Stones. Its good. These are the Rolling Stones, what are you going to do?

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He continued, “But you can just say something has happened. So the new people at the helm of Star Trek … whoever runs it now, they’re just terrified of whoever runs it now. Whoever runs Star Trek now runs it with an iron fist and they didn’t like anything that I did, so they completely replaced my voice. I don’t know who voices my character.

Moodie concluded, “And again, I want to make it clear, the director was awesome, the actors were great, the crew on this show are good people. But you can tell the production crew above. of them terrorizes these people and they are just terrified.

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Moodie then said, “And finally they tried to scare me. They were like, ‘You know to be Star Trek quality you have to have this performance.’ “

He also reiterated his opinion on Jonathan Frakes: “Jonathan Frakes has always been cool to me and he has always supported me. And he would always say, ‘Andrew, you do a great job. Thank you so much.'”

“So I don’t know who. As if there is someone in production somewhere in Los Angeles who is trying to terrorize people by trying to put them down. And they tried to put me down by saying, “Oh, you’re not good enough! And I’m like ‘Dude!’ “

Source: dark matter

What do you think of Moodie’s claims? Are you surprised by his request?


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