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Edelman targets advertising agencies with launch of Production Studio



NEW YORK – Edelman is launching a production house that aims to help the company better compete with advertising agencies for digital content dollars.

Edelman Studios comes in after the company lost Samsung and HP last year to agencies more focused on advertising and digital content. Earlier this month, Richard Edelman told PROvoke Media the company would launch the content studio, “directly as a result of these losses.”

The new unit leverages existing creative capabilities as well as entertainment hires and global production and distribution partners, all overseen by Jarrod Moses, CEO of Edelman’s entertainment agency, United Entertainment Group.

CEO Richard Edelman said the company opens up the full range of possibilities for brands to reach customers through content, from real-time short films to episodic programming, backed by data and ideas. In particular, Edelman Studios also guarantees its customers the distribution of content, ranging from social channels and belonging to the brand to points of sale provided by the partners of the operation, including the French video company Brut.

“We want to take money from the advertising companies, and we’re going to be able to show specific ROI for clients,” Edelman said. “We think this is a unique moment.”

The studio will house three divisions. BlueRoom Studios will focus on creating first-earned content for clients that can be produced and distributed in real time through social and other channels. BlueRoom will be led by Katie Walmsley, who joins Edelman from Bloomberg’s Hawkfish and previously launched the European social platform Brut Media in the United States.

Edelman Productions is a global network of studios and production operations that will focus on content fueled by data and information and accelerated across social and digital channels. Pam Scheideler, head of Edelman’s US digital practice, will lead this group.

The third division, EdelmanBRUT, is a joint venture with the French company Brut, which will produce short content for brands. This content will be distributed through Millennium and Get Z focused channels, reaching Brut’s global audience of 2 billion people.

All of this, said Edelman, is a testament to his belief that Edelman Studios will be a major step in strengthening the ability of brands to communicate through required formats, at the rate at which people now consume information.

“And now we have a world-class production studio, and it’s going to be pretty darn exciting,” he said.



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