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Exclusive: Film Soho to launch virtual production studio in central London


Talent-led film and TV group Film Soho is set to launch the first virtual production studio in Soho, central London.

The permanent V-Studios facility is set to open later this year and will be based in Portland Mews Soho. It will include a 10m x 5m LED wall and will be powered by Extended Reality (xR) disguise technology, which blends virtual and physical worlds.

It is the latest of a number of new virtual production studios being built across the UK and around the world, as new technology allows filmmakers to use walls made up of LED panels which, at the using a game engine, display scenery and visual effects in real time, all directly on the board. Major movies and TV series using the technology include Disney’s The Mandalorianfox Avatar and those of Netflix 1899.

Film Soho’s V-Studios “will allow filmmakers to place actors in breathtaking, fully controlled virtual environments, without ever having to leave central London, and will feature 1.5mm pixel pitch, which which means productions will be able to get closer to the screen like never before,” Film Soho said in a statement.

The studios’ technology will also be able to provide other solutions, such as pre-visualization, virtual scouting, additional photography and feature film shots.

Nick Hamson and Chris Greenhill, Founders of Film Soho, commented: “Film Soho is delighted to launch the first ever virtual production stage in the heart of Soho at the end of this year. As a talent and production-focused company, it made perfect sense for us to integrate virtual production into our filmmaking offering. We are delighted to be able to showcase this incredible technology to the international film community at Cannes. »

Annabel Martin, Director of Operations, added: “We are on the verge of a huge change, altering cinema as we know it. We’re particularly excited about the preview, as it will really elevate and ultimately improve the content being created, while reducing the carbon footprint. It’s an extremely exciting time for us as a company to be involved in this new era of cinema.

Film Soho will premiere the technology in the garden of the Grand Hotel at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, May 20.

The Film Soho group comprises a number of brands, including Soho Talent, which develops and works with established players to co-produce content; the Captain Dolly production company run by Sally Phillips and Ronni Ancona; Studio Soho Distribution; Cinema station; and KrADR, which offers a new ADR (automated dialogue replacement) studio that has worked with Netflix (Boy Top) and Universal (The abbey in the town center).