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Farhoud Meybodi launches a new production company Ritual Arts


Farhoud Meybodi launches Ritual Arts, a new production company, and has signed a first agreement with Wayfarer Studios, the independent studio co-founded by Justin Baldoni and Steve Sarowitz. The company will focus on storytelling that inspires culture change through purpose-driven television and film.

Award-winning writer, director and executive producer Meybodi most recently worked on “My Last Days,” a docuseries about people living with terminal illnesses that is currently in season 5 on the CW network. Meybodi previously co-founded Wayfarer Entertainment with Ahmed Musiol and Justin Baldoni, and the trio have teamed up in a variety of commercials, movies, and TV shows. Meybodi is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Television Academy, and is also a board member of the Hollywood Office of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

“In these times of division, it is essential that we, the creative community, break free from our echo chambers and speak to the heart and soul of this nation,” Meybodi said in a statement. “Storytelling has always been a way to build bridges, and at Ritual we aspire to create films that truly move people….ideally, sparking meaningful dialogue between liberals, conservatives and everyone else, in the hope to heal and unite this great country.

Ritual Arts also announced that Carra Greenberg will head up production and operations for the company, overseeing the current slate of productions and partnerships. She will co-produce feature films and TV series for Ritual Arts, and has previously produced commercials, docuseries and feature films at various companies. HThe feature-length documentary “Daughters of the Sexual Revolution,” about the original Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, won a Grand Jury Prize at SXSW.

“I am thrilled to be part of a team working towards measurable change through mission-driven content,” Greenberg said in a statement. “Farhoud has a proven record of journalistic integrity through film. His work speaks to the critical stories of our time. I look forward to pushing creative boundaries and celebrating powerful, diverse stories and voices of change.

Dr. Caroline Heldman is also joining the company as Social Impact Manager. Her published books include “Protest Politics in the Marketplace: Consumer Activism in the Corporate Age,” “Women, Power, and Politics: The Fight for Gender Equality in the US,” and “Madam President? Gender and Politics on the Road to Home Blanche Heldman also co-founded the New Orleans Women’s Shelter and the Lower Ninth Ward Museum.

Ritual Arts has raised over $4 million for the production of its preliminary slate. Upcoming projects will be announced in the coming months.