Home Production company Film-Tech Platform ABC Talkies launches production company with special focus on children’s content

Film-Tech Platform ABC Talkies launches production company with special focus on children’s content

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Film-Tech Platform ABC Talkies launches production company with special focus on children’s content

Posted on March 1, 2022

New Delhi : ABC Talkies, the world’s leading cinema market, announces the launch of its production company bearing the same name. Embarking on a new journey and diversifying its love for quality cinema, ABC Talkies is set to release its first film under the eponymous banner coinciding with the company’s first anniversary.

The first film titled “The Legend of Mahabhaleshwar” under the ABC banner is an original animated film for children and is scheduled for release in May 2022. Focused on creating a powerful library for children, the milestone has been reached with on a mission to introduce the rich and glorious history of India to children in a fun and educational way. Educational entertainment content will allow children to learn and gain knowledge about untold stories of our great nation. Additionally, to maintain inclusivity in our diverse country, ABC Talkies will produce region-specific films to establish a sense of relatability. It also aims to give equal opportunities to the talents of the new era (Technicians and Talents) through its filmmaking.

The content is aimed at kids ages 2-13, which would also pique the interest of millennial parents, either helping them revisit their childhood story and culture lessons, as most families co-view content on streaming platforms via smart TVs.

Speaking of which, Siddharth Sinha, Chief Content Officer, ABC Talkies said, “The platform intends to create commercial value for short films in the growing market for children’s content in the country so that consumers are ready to pay and watch and interested OTTs can purchase such films for their library. The shorts being made right now are usually for festivals and generally have no commercial value. Therefore, the average mass audience usually does not see them, but the intention of ABC Talkies is to give masala content to consumers and try to change consumer behaviors. pay for such content. Additionally, we would like to break the myth that historical and traditional content is boring through our style of filmmaking. Apart from home entertainment, movies can also be used in classrooms by teachers who want to gauge students’ attention and allow children to have a better sense of understanding while explaining historical events.

The films produced under the ABC Talkies banner will always be multilingual where apart from a film being shown in Hindi and a regional language depending on the region where we are highlighting the story, we will also be emphasizing the release of some Sanskrit film to make Sanskrit a cool language for kids to watch and learn and maybe adapt the language in the future.

“We’ve had an exciting year-long journey and are excited to roll out our ABC Talkies production house shortly after launching on Android and iOS play stores. This is just an important moment for us because our originals will remain one of our biggest differentiators. Our performance in 2021 is a validation of the pay-per-view model despite an increasingly competitive market. With our constant developments and promising niche content, we hope to strengthen our consumer base year after year. explained Shalibhadra Shah, CEO of ABC Talkies.

Since launching in 2021, ABC Talkies has had over 300 filmmakers and over 250 films while experiencing 100% month-over-month growth in recent months as the brand continues its quest to create an ecosystem unique to be a good brand of shorts.