Home Production team Finalist of the Callaway Play production team, Stapleton Top 5 in the D1 Play Production class

Finalist of the Callaway Play production team, Stapleton Top 5 in the D1 Play Production class


Photo credit Callaway Public Schools Facebook page

The Callaway and Stapleton Play Production teams saw their seasons come to a close at the 2021 NSAA Play Production State Championships at the Johnny Carson Theater in Norfolk on Wednesday, December 8.

Holy Family / St. Francis was crowned Class D1 champion after receiving first place votes from two of the three judges and was two points away from a perfect score. According to the NSAA, this is the first time that the two schools have teamed up to participate in the Play Production Championships.

Prior to this year, Lindsay Holy Family had qualified for the State Championships five times, most recently in 2019. As a school, they finished second in the D2 class in 2010 and champion in 2011.

Humphry St. Francis has qualified for the championships seven times according to the NSAA. St. Francis last qualified in 2018 where they were also state champions in class D1. They also won state titles in 2007 and 2011.

Callaway will finish second in the D1 class for the second time in three years. Callaway received second, third and fifth place from the three judges, which gave them a one point better ranking than third Leigh. Callaway’s performance in “We Are The Sea” was also praised by the judges as the team received the “Outstanding Technical Crew” award.

Although unable to improve on last year’s runner-up, Stapleton, who was only returning for the second time in over 20 years, put in a fantastic performance that landed him second in a of the three judges. Finishing tied for possible fourth place Harvard, the ranking of judges pushed the Stapleton team to fifth place.

2021 NSAA State Play Production Championships – Class D1:

  1. Holy Family / Saint Francis, “Under a cave sky”
  2. Callaway, “We are the sea”
  3. Leigh “Sweeney Todd: The Barber Demon of Fleet Street”
  4. Harvard “Ug. The Caveman Musical ”(JP)
  5. Stapleton, “Dinner and Cape and Sword” (JP)
  6. Central Valley, “10 days in a madhouse”