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Game Of Thrones Stunt Performer Sues Production Company HBO For $5 Million Over Injury


A Game of Thrones stuntman is suing HBO-owned production company Fire & Blood Productions over injuries sustained during production of the fantasy series. According to court documents to which Variety has exclusive access, at the time of this writing, Casey Michaels is seeking nearly $5 million in damages.

Michaels’ claim goes that in February 2018, she suffered a “severe left ankle dislocation” while dressed as Wight during the Battle of Winterfell. According to court documents, a group of 28 performers dressed as Wights were ordered to descend from a 12ft roof ‘as if unaware of the fall, consistent with the zombie nature of the Wights’ . The performers descended in small groups, falling onto a platform below, made up of cardboard and mats. Michaels’ claim would have alleged that cardboard boxes “by their nature…are not durable and do damage.”

Michaels was the last performer to descend from the roof, landing feet first while wearing shin, knee, elbow, hip and back guards. As a result, Michaels underwent several foot surgeries and required the insertion of a plate and screws under his skin. She also underwent “long and intensive” physiotherapy and was treated for depression and trauma.

Fire & Blood says Michaels did not follow the instructions given by the stunt coordinator but fell “”like a pencil”, either rigidly or vertically”.

If the parties do not agree, the case could possibly be heard before a judge next summer.

Representatives for Michaels and HBO had no further comment.

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