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Game Of Thrones stuntman sues production company for injury


Game of Thrones stuntman Casey Michaels is suing HBO’s Fire & Blood Productions over an injury she suffered while filming the show’s final season.

One of The iron Throne‘ stuntman is suing for an injury she suffered in the show’s final season. George RR Martin posted A game of thrones in 1996, but it wasn’t until 2011 that the franchise became a pop culture sensation. HBO The iron Throne ran for eight seasons and saw the citizens of Westeros fight for the Iron Throne while battling the White Walkers. The series remains popular even after going off the air in 2019, with a prequel series, Dragon Housewhich comes out this year and Martin is working on the next book in his series titled The Winds of Winter.


Although The iron Throne continues to be a profitable IP for HBO, the show’s seventh and eighth seasons in particular have been panned by fans and critics. The final season was the shortest in the franchise, consisting of only six episodes, which made storylines very rushed. In the first episodes of The iron Throne season 8, the conflict focused on the battle against the White Walkers before Jon Snow and Daenerys came into conflict with the Lannisters. Episode 3 “The Long Night” was a monumental installment in the series, seeing the deaths of Melisandre, Jorah Mormont, Theon Greyjoy, and the Night King, who was killed by Arya Stark.

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Many stuntmen participated in the last season of The iron Throne, but now someone is suing for an injury they suffered on set. According to Variety, Casey Michaels is suing Fire & Blood Productions for $5 million. Michaels played a Wight in “The Long Night” and suffered a “severe fracture dislocation of the left ankle“following a stunt where she came down from a rooftop. Court documents say 28 stuntmen were involved in the scene, with groups of 4 to 5 walking off the roof at a time. The actors received l ‘order to leave the roof of the plateau “as if unaware of the fall, in keeping with the zombie nature of the Wights,‘ before landing on boxes and mats below.

Michaels claims the platform was unsustainable with the number of people falling and climbing over the cardboard boxes leading to her injury as she was the last Wight to fall. For four years, Michaels underwent multiple foot surgeries (one of which involved the insertion of a plate and screws) and physical therapy while suffering from trauma and depression. The stuntwoman claims she still has trouble with basic duties, but the production company denies her claims. Fire & Blood Productions claims that the platform Michaels landed on was “durable and didn’t get compressed when a stuntman got down on the mattress and rolled over” and that she did not perform the stunt as instructed. They further stated that the injury was “caused either by the plaintiff’s failure to properly perform the alleged stunt and/or with the skill and care of a reasonably competent stuntman, or by pure accident.”

Michaels is an experienced stuntwoman, working in many big-budget franchises like Star Wars and Marvel, so there’s certainly weight behind her claim that the conditions on The iron Throneall were not sure. However, with four years having passed since Michaels’ injury, it will be difficult for a court to determine what really happened on the day of the accident. Given the severity of Michaels’ injuries and lack of compensation, the lawsuit doesn’t seem outlandish, but it’s hard to say how the case will unfold until Michaels and Fire & Blood Productions release other statements.

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