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Gary Vaynerchuk launches production studio for consumer-centric content


VaynerX and VaynerMedia’s Gary Vaynerchuk launched a new production studio, Eva Nosidam Productions, to create non-traditional, consumer-friendly content. The name, which spells Madison Ave. backwards, signifies the intention of the company: to be the antithesis of traditional advertising by creating advertisements that do not look like advertisements.

Maya Brewster-Dorian will lead Eva Nosidam Productions as Head of Production, reporting directly to Vaynerchuk.

Maya Brewster-Dorian will direct Eva Nosidam Productions.

The production house, based in Long Island City in Queens, New York, will create branded mini-documentaries and series for social media, music videos, podcasts, augmented and virtual reality, events, guerrilla marketing and facilities. The studio has fully equipped stages, equipment and post-production capabilities.

“As a modern storytelling and production company, Eva Nosidam Productions will create content that people really want to watch,” Vaynerchuk said in a statement. “The name is the punchline – we have every intention of shaking up the industry by rejecting yesterday’s Madison Avenue approach to advertising and revealing what’s going on in the culture for our customers.”

Brewster-Dorian brings over 20 years of production experience to this role and has been with VaynerX since last April. She previously founded Network Réseau, a facilitation company that connects brands with new ways of producing content. His experience ranges from working for advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and J. Walter Thompson to production companies such as Anonymous Content, Partizan Entertainment and RadicalMedia.

“What unites everything we do at Eva Nosidam Productions is a desire to create the most consumer-centric, culturally relevant content that truly resonates with people,” said Brewster-Dorian. in a press release.