Home Production studio German Virtual Production Studio-xR uses GLP S350 Wash for immersive productions – rAVe [PUBS]

German Virtual Production Studio-xR uses GLP S350 Wash for immersive productions – rAVe [PUBS]

German Virtual Production Studio-xR uses GLP S350 Wash for immersive productions – rAVe [PUBS]

Since the end of 2020, PRG, with its subsidiary Cinegate, has been managing the Virtual Production Studio-xR in Hamburg, a facility specializing in digital events of all kinds. On 360 m² of pure studio space, corporate events, as well as film and video shoots, commercials and live concerts (eg Wacken World Wide), can be carried out in a virtual environment. In order to be able to react quickly and flexibly to the complex demands of virtual productions, PRG turned to GLP’s 40 Print S350 Wash.

Matthias Allhoff, Head of Lighting Technologies at PRG, explains: “While lighting and cameras are mostly coordinated in traditional productions, the demands of virtual productions are more complex because we have to conform to an environment at all times. constantly evolving virtual. This is why the GLP S350 Wash proved itself so quickly as a fast-reacting and remotely controllable moving head.

To create a feeling of perfect immersion, PRG’s Virtual Production Studio-xR not only features LED walls, but also LED floors and ceilings. With lots of space, content, and therefore virtual rooms, change frequently, quickly and dramatically throughout the day. Beyond that, there are also virtual extensions beyond the video areas.

“Under these conditions, we are faced with the challenge of coordinating all LED surfaces, cameras, virtual sets and lighting. It becomes especially exciting when there is a spatial change in position or other changes in spatial conditions. Then the guide light and the tail light have to follow suit quickly, ”explains Allhoff. “And that’s exactly what works incredibly well with the GLP S350 Wash.

The S350 Wash print, with its 350 watt white light LED motor, CRI above 90 and TM-30 and TLCI values 95+, provides exceptional light quality and is compatible with cameras. Its optical system, with a front Fresnel lens, allows a zoom of 8 to 50 °. In each corner of the zoom box, there is access to a full-fledged framing system with four shutter blades. The opening slide positions, which can be combined in any way, as well as the ability to rotate the entire module 90 °, allow precise control of the beam. The dichroic CMY color mixing system also opens up a large color space and works extremely smoothly. This is supported by a fixed color wheel with 10 slots. With the additional CTC function, a range can be continuously adjusted between 2500 and 8000 Kelvin.

In the Virtual Production Studio, the fact that the S350 Wash has been further developed for live use on stage becomes an advantage. “The lighting typically used in virtual studios has been optimized for other conditions. We tested a lot [of products] early on and came to the conclusion that the Impression S350 Wash motorized floodlights were the best solution in terms of the combination of responsiveness and light quality we were looking for, ”Allhoff continues.

Several scenes and positions can be perfectly illuminated during programming. Small fixes can be made to repeats right on the desktop without having to touch devices manually. Zoom, aperture slider and color temperature can be adjusted from scene to scene at lightning speed.

“Events have changed radically since last year. We have adapted to this and created flexible studio solutions for high quality digital and virtual productions, ”concludes Allhoff. “The constantly changing conditions of these productions have opened the door wide to creative thinking and design. Of course, this also applies to lighting.

“With the S350 Wash printing we have found a solution that perfectly matches the new requirements. With a relatively manageable number of mobile projectors, a multitude of possibilities can be quickly and easily created in virtual productions. And despite all the flexibility of using these motorized projectors, here we have a quality of light that is in no way inferior to the studio projectors generally used.