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Grimshaw to Deliver New Production Studio Campus to Downtown LA Arts District | New



Image courtesy Grimshaw

Grimshaw revealed its design for a new 16-studio production campus to be located in downtown LA’s arts district.

The project will transform a 15-acre disused industrial site that has been recently purchased by Eastern Studios. According Urbanizing LA, the site will also include four office buildings totaling 292,000 square feet, an additional 106,000 square feet of production space in addition to the total 321,000 square feet of studio space and underground parking that will accommodate 1,327 vehicles per day. . In addition to Grimshaw, Studio MLA was attached to provide a landscape connection at the intersection of 6th and Alameda streets, with a new public open space located along Mill Street on the east side of the new “campus on top” studios.

Image courtesy Grimshaw

“By taking a vertical approach to campus design, we’re freeing up valuable space for larger studios and base camps while creating better foot and vehicular flow between the sound stages and the creative workspace” , explained Andrew Byrne, partner of Grimshaw.

The project will also provide crucial infrastructure to the entertainment capital at a critical time. As MovieLA President Paul Audley explained to the Los Angeles Time recently: “We have seen streaming grow at an average rate of 35% per year. Even if it backs off, which some people are now predicting, we still don’t have enough stage space to deal with it.

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The site had previously been the subject of a $2 billion contract mixed-use program of Herzog & de Meuron dubbed “6am”, which would have included 1,736 residential units as well as a similar number of office space by 2035 before being canceled ahead of the sale of the East End.

Financial details were not available at press time, but the developers said they expect to kick off a two-year process after the city approves the project, which is expected by the end of the year. end of 2024.