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How Sharaz Sikander Films (SS Films) became the best production house in Kashmir



In this digital age, making a movie or starting a production house isn’t just for the rich and royal, nor do you need years of experience to start your career as a filmmaker. Sharaz Sikander’s journey as a successful director gives a message of hope to all young people who want to pursue their career in the film industry. Sharaz Sikander, the young Indian filmmaker was born on February 10, 1995 in Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir. After his first experience as a freelance videographer, his future as a director began.

In six months, this young filmmaker Sharaz Sikander succeeded in propelling his production company named Sharaz Sikander Films (SS Films) to center stage. Thanks to his innovative and original management skills, he managed to get clients for various budget projects and started to generate good income within months of starting SS Films.

Sharaz Sikander has an interesting profile that speaks volumes about his passion and persistence for his dream of becoming a popular director. His short films are enjoyed by people of all ages and genders, even in B-City. The production house of Sharaz – Sharaz Sikander Films has prepared a documentary even for the United States Embassy on environmental issues in course in Kashmir and is also actively engaged in several projects for renowned music houses like Tips official etc.

When asked about his many accomplishments at such a young age of 27, Sharaz Sikander said, “It feels good, I’ve always tried to do several works instead of doing one particular thing at a time. I am happy that my SS Film business is successful and growing every year. I would like to suggest to all young people not to lose any opportunity or chance; even if it seems smaller, if you want to succeed.

As a driven filmmaker, Sikander inspires thousands of young aspirants like him to pursue their dreams and focus on their goals. There is no doubt that the successful young filmmaker Sharaz Sikander will be able to launch his next web series with as much success and perseverance as during his previous experiences.



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