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Hurray opens production house run by former Louis Vuitton producer



Creative advertising agency based in Paris Hooray started his own production house, run by the former Louis Vuitton producer Varick Rent.

Hurray.studio was founded with the aim of “raising the standards of content production in esports and games”.

Photo credit: Hurray

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Rent is no stranger to the esports industry, having worked on the Riot Games and Louis Vuitton partnership ahead of the League of Legends World Championship last year.

Mathieu Lacrouts, CEO of Groupe Hurray, The company commented in a statement, “Going from one company to two after five years is crucial to continuing to create the best branded content possible, for esports fans and gamers. With Hurrah.studio, we don’t just bring top-notch content to Hurray.agency customers, we also intend to pave the way for luxury standards in other esports and gaming content.

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Hurray has worked with many non-endemic brands, including Domino’s Pizza, Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Renault, and produced promotional material for the esports tournament platform Mogul. Hurray.studio will operate under Hurray Group as an independent company from Hurray.

Loyer spoke about his new venture: “Working on the League of Legends partnership between Louis Vuitton and Riot Games was a eureka moment for me. It opened my eyes to the value that luxury and esports experts can bring to the table for mutual benefit. Now is the best time to incorporate the forces of mainstream advertising storytelling into esports as entertainment standards rise. We want to create the kind of quality content that we know fans want and deserve. “

Esports Insider Says: With previous esports experience, the creation of the new studio has the potential to further raise the already high standards of content production in the industry. We’re excited to see what content is produced by the studio throughout the year.



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