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I want to create my own production company soon: Devtosh Mukherjee


Devtosh Mukherjee, the casting director, aims to do a good job in the industry.

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Actor and casting director Devtosh Mukherjee wants to start his own production house and live his dreams. Beginning his journey at a young age, he achieved decent milestones with the support of his family and friends in the industry.

Talking about his journey so far, he says, “I come from a middle class family from Aligarh (Utter Pradesh). I left my hometown and came to Mumbai to achieve something big in life. I’m happy to be part of the television industry that I gave my 3 years to. I started my journey at a young age and managed to work with various production houses. I learned a lot from each production house. I started my work as a TV artist and made many series like Muskaan, Daman Mitti ka, Savdhaan India etc. I always focused on my work and gave the best of myself. I am also happy that the production houses appreciated my work and gave me opportunities in my life.

When asked who has been his support in the industry, he shares, “I have always been supported by the people in the production houses. I have now opened my casting company (Casting 24/7 Casting Co.) and work as a casting director. I worked as a casting assistant before and went through the nuances. I think it’s been a give-and-take relationship with some great people in this industry.

Devtosh thinks Abhishek Arora and Vishal Gupta (casting director) are his inspiration in the field, he says, “I am inspired by Ankit Jaiswal (executive producer), Vishal Gupta (casting director), Sonu Singh Rajput (director of casting). They have had an incredible and inspiring journey in this industry. I see myself creating my own production house because it is my dream.

I wish you good luck, boy!!

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