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Industry vet Scott Kaplan launches Friends & Family production house


Scott Kaplan, whose body of work as a producer includes assorted award-winning commercials, started the production company Friends and Family. The new Los Angeles-based boutique is opening an admin roster that includes Heidi Berg, “Buddy,” Caleb Immolated, Tash Tung, Jack Turits, and Kelsey Larkin. The range has collective accolades that include two Emmy Award nominations and appearances at the Cannes Film Festival and the Museum of San Francisco Craft and Design.

Kaplan also brought on board Jed Herold as an executive producer to lead the client-facing side of the business. Meanwhile, EP Kaplan will channel his experience into handle strategy as well as director and agency relations. His cropping work as a line producer contains stage ads like Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man You Can Smell Like,” which won him an Emmy, Cannes Grand Prix and D&AD black crayon; a number of Apple’s iconic iPod commercials featuring Paul McCartney, Eminem, Bob Dylan, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more. Kaplan has produced for many directors such as Mark Romanek, Tom Kuntz, Gus Van Sant, Malcolm Venville and Noam Murro. Before connecting to family and friends, Kaplan and Herold had been freelancing.

Friends and family managers Berg, and Turits had Slain most recently with production house Superdoom. “Buddy” had been non-exclusive before joining Family and Friends. Larkin is with the skin and bones of the film in Canada, and has already been treated in the United States by Yard Dog. Tung gains his first commercial representation from the United States through friends and family; The director’s international affiliations included Blink in the UK and LA/PAC in France.

As for the Friends & Family moniker, Kaplan explained that it reflects the company’s ethos as it will channel its creative advertising expertise to create smart, honest and hilarious content that stands out for the quality of its longstanding partnerships with clients, agencies and the team.