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Innovative video production company in Sydney that creates personalized experiences using the Q4 methodology



ANGRYchair’s Q4 production method is a refined and authentic way to create video content for brands and businesses around the world, and ANGRYchair takes it to the next level.

ANGRYchair’s new production method is here and ready to speed up the video content production process. A new approach that was invented by the organization with branches in Melbourne and Sydney, the Q4 methodology is a unique, powerful and authentic way to generate content for business-to-business or business-to-client brands. This helps speed up the creative process, while also meaning that everything filmed is portrayed as vividly as possible.

Developed over their many years of operating and working with top TV and video creators, as well as other organizations, the Q4 methodology eliminates all the confusing parts of video production like scripting , autocues and storyboards. Instead of running every project like a Hollywood movie, Q4 cuts the entire process down to four simple and effective steps.

The four steps are as follows. Step 1 or the ‘Kick Off’, traditionally called a ‘brief’, is where things like brand representation and message are discussed, and the style and content of the video is agreed in tandem with the client. 2nd step – “The shoot” is where the raw shooting takes place, and the images are captured in the field or in the studio, with the advice of the brief of course. Editing, or as ANGRYchair likes to call it, the ‘Director’s Cut’ takes place in step 3, where all sequences are enhanced, structured and brought together into a coherent sequence. Finally, the presentation of your work is done in step 4 – “The First”, where you can finally show your beautiful end product to the world! They work with you to ensure that through online and in-person formats the premiere is the ultimate celebration of your work,

This innovative way of working enables an authentic, simple and seamless video production experience. Your brand and team will look great on camera, as their streamlined workflow captures all the important details without getting bogged down by the complexities that other studios grapple with.

Customers large and small, from government agencies to fitness companies and non-governmental organizations, appreciated the simplicity of the Q4 video production methodology. Using this four-step process, ANGRYchair has learned that creating amazing video content doesn’t have to be as complicated as others claim. Instead, it can be a seamless, enjoyable experience that delivers phenomenal results every time.

Best of all? It is accessible to customers of all shapes and sizes! They are guided by principles of excellence in production, ease of access and quality brand representation. This means that while the process looks overly simplistic on paper, it’s backed by values ​​that seek to bring out the best in you and your team. With the production quality and next-level techniques that ANGRYchair has come to champion, their Q4 method is a surefire way to ensure that content really shows up when it appears on the screens of you and your customers.

The Q4 production method combines the best production techniques with the tips that only a professional team can pull together, to make it as easy as pie. ANGRYchair takes care of the process so you can stay focused on the things that matter most to you and your business.

They would like to discuss the Q4 process and their organization as a whole. From a third party perspective, this seems like a very innovative and effective way to produce amazing visual content. You can contact them on their website and find out more about them here: https://angrychair.com.au/

About the company:

Founded in 2012, ANGRYchair was established and is guided by the philosophy of creating refreshing and authentic videos that truly represent the clients they work with. With an experienced and passionate production team, the most up-to-date technology, and the knowledge to help you achieve your business goals, their production house has grown to be formidable over their years of operation.

Instead of taking an artist’s approach to videography, ANGRYChair chose to specialize in results-driven video content for brands. That means, whatever your organization’s goal – from product launch and brand awareness, to old video campaigns and global expansion – they’re here to meet and exceed your expectations.

They took the hassle and stress out of creating videos for clients like the Australian Open, Nelson Mandela Foundation, Victoria Police, Beyond Blue, and Kieser Training. With a huge growth trajectory going forward, they are certainly one of Australia’s most in-demand video production companies. Check out their website for more information, and if you’re looking for great quality video content, be sure to check them out and request!

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