Finally we get back to the tax! Or? You are well done with the declaration and have received an answer as to whether you will get back on the tax or have to pay an involuntary sum? Some of us go and yearn, while others of us get stingy wallets for the holidays.

But as with everything else, there is hope – and both paths and detours to take so that everything “resolves”. One way to take is to invest in startups. It’s both risky and smart at the same time. It is a daring game that can give you the opportunity to take five vacations at one time or none at all. But if you play the game in a smart way you will be able to take your five dream vacations already this summer.

When it comes to startups, there is always a risk


That is why such investments should be carefully looked at. Reading on is easy and all information is available. Every year, a competition is held for the Nordic region’s top 30 startups with the most promising future.

Companies such as Klarna, Spotify and Hedvig have gained a place on these lists over the years. By starting there you can get a clear picture of what a professional and serious startup has for values ​​and products.

There are a lot of exciting startups out there that can be interesting

There are a lot of exciting startups out there that can be interesting

Keep an eye on startups that focus on mortgage tech. Mortgage loans are a form of fintech where you combine a mortgage with a digital innovation. That innovation can be an app like Tink, where you get a quick and clear overview of your entire economy, or like Ursula Brangwen where we compare loans and credits to find a good solution for you.

Previous startups that have focused on mortgage technology include:

  • iZettle, which easily and cheaply fixes card payments to companies.
  • Trustly, an online service that helps consumers make direct payments online.
  • Pay check, helps you with the payment of the invoice by footing them.
  • PayPal, a credit card that can pay off invoices.
  • P2P, a way of borrowing money where lenders and borrowers do not need a bank between themselves.

Tips for a smart start up investment

Tips for a smart start up investment

One smart way to invest in start ups is to use an investment savings account. It is a form of savings where investments can be made in several different securities. The advantage of this is that the taxation is in the form of standard taxation and that you never have to record the sales, as it is done automatically. Both comfortable and smooth.

So be daring and smart – unless you have an exciting summer. The holidays are saved, after all.

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