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Jo Byeong-kyu’s Comeback Drama Lands In Troubled Waters, Production Crew Apologize


Jo Byeong-kyu’s returning drama production team recently came under fire for causing inconvenience to locals. As the news spread through South Korean online forums, the production team of story of a loser issued an apology on May 11.

The team apologized for causing inconvenience to residents. He said staff on the ground did their best to reduce his discomfort. The team also assured everyone that they would take careful steps to avoid causing trouble.

story of a loser will be the actor’s first drama since being embroiled in school bullying allegations. Consequently, the trouble-landing drama increased its negative spotlight.

story of a loser production team featuring Jo Byeong-kyu apologizes for causing inconvenience to locals

On May 9, a netizen uploaded photos of the production team of story of a loser, featuring The strange meter‘s Jo Byeong-kyu, who caused extreme trouble. The team parked their vehicle right in front of the surfer’s door.

After the resident reported it, they moved the truck. However, in the evening, an SUV was parked in the same place.

Addressing the issue, the production team acknowledged the netizen’s grievances and apologized for the incident.

“While filming “History of A Loser” on May 9, [we] caused inconvenience that impacted the living spaces and movements of some residents. The production team met directly with those involved and apologized while explaining our position at the time.

The team added that they had tried not to let residents suffer any discomfort, but again apologized for not paying attention to detail.

“The production team worked hard to routinely downplay the discomfort for residents, but we apologize once again for not paying more attention during filming.”

They then ended the statement by assuring that they would be more careful.

“We will make careful efforts during the filming stages not to cause any discomfort to any residents in the future. We express our deep appreciation to all residents for their understanding, and apologize once again.”

Additionally, the resident had also complained about loud noises from the filming.

Meanwhile, the resident also shared that she had to raise her voice with the production crew to move their SUV after staying longer than the promised five minutes.

Jo Byeong-kyu and her agency HB Entertainment consistently denied the bullying allegations in February and March 2021. The company even posted screenshots of some accusers’ apologies.

Jo Byeong-kyu, 26, has been away from the spotlight for months to land another lead role. Since last June, the actor has been in talks to appear in story of a loser, an adaptation of a webtoon of the same name. He was then cast in a pro bono role in an independent film.

Jo Byeong-kyu was also reportedly cast in the film. Even if I die, again last September alongside Junhoe from ikON.

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