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Johnny Depp launches UK-based production company



Johnny Depp starts a new business.

The actor announced the launch of a new development fund for film and television projects, run by his own IN.2 Films and Adolfo blanco‘s A Contracorriente Films in Spain, he announced during a press conference at the San Sebastian Film Festival 2021 Going through Variety.

IN.2 is JohnnyThe new UK-based production house and a sister company to its Los Angeles-based Infinitum Nihil. The company seeks original, scenic and literary scripts for film, theater and television productions “focusing on European sensibility combined with American accessibility”.

Producers Stephen deuters and Stephane Malit are also joining as co-leaders.

“From student to maestro, from budding artists to artists still known, to well-established masters across all forms of modern media, IN.2 will build a space where artists can be artists, where they will be free to to create these unexpected moments, these happy accidents which contain the propensity to constitute great art and thus give life to their unique vision ”, he declared in a press release.

Johnny added that he spent “many years working inside and outside the Hollywood system and trying to persuade them that not all releases have to be a blockbuster, they don’t have to be. don’t have to be stereotypical commercial drivel. It’s ridiculous to play everything safe. Cinema audiences are bored, ”he said.

The company is planning new projects that it hopes to have ready between 2022-2023 with Julian Temple, who led Crock of Gold: a few tricks with Shane MacGowan, as well as with the producer Jelena Dore Dore and producer based in London Alexandra Pierre.

He also made headlines for his comments on canceling the crop.



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