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Johnny Depp opens UK production company | Movie theater



Guest of the San Sebastian Film Festival to receive the prestigious Donostia Prize, Johnny Depp announced the creation of a new UK-based European production company, the IN.2 Films.

IN.2 is described as a new “UK based production house wishing to draw inspiration from original screenplays, literary and theatrical works to create film, television and theatrical productions emphasizing European sensibility coupled with American accessibility“.

The IN.2 will in fact be “sister“From Los Angeles-based American production company Depp, the Infinite nihil. After working on Pot of gold (directed by Julien Temple) ch The Minamata case (directed by Andrew Levitas), the producers Stephen deuters And Stephane Malit they will run the new company with Depp.

The first fruit of IN.2’s efforts is an agreement with A Contracorriente Films by Adolfo Blanco. The contract provides for the development of films and television series that will go into production between 2022 and 2023.

Comment from Depp:

From student to teacher, from budding artists to already known, to the most famous masters of all forms of communication, IN.2 will build a space where artists can be artists and feel free to create those moments. unexpected, those happy moments. accidents that lead to great art, giving them a way to bring their vision to life.