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Junaid Khan launches his own production company Jeem Films – Celebrities


Singer and actor Junaid Khan started his own production company called Jeem Films. He called the company a space where he wants to bring to life anyone who is ambitious in art and creativity.

He announced the news on his Instagram page with the promise of a new project coming soon.

“With two of my songs already under his umbrella, I’m thrilled to finally announce the launch of my multimedia production house. A journey I embarked on nearly a year ago, and after ‘Taqdeer’ and ‘ Chaska’, we are all set to release another diet plan very soon,” he wrote.

“Production is the next step for any artist. I’ve been on different sides of media, whether it’s music, TV, fashion or movies,” Khan said. Pictures. “The next logical step was production.”

He said that after producing his own songs, starting with “Taqdeer,” his next project will be officially announced soon.

“The next logical step would be to move into production and I’m just exploring myself and looking forward to creating more stories and having fun,” he said.

“In this market, there are so many stories that have yet to come to light, many genres that have yet to be explored in Pakistan and with the coming digital era, new avenues are opening up. open, new producers, new directors and new talents. [coming in]. I believe there’s a cycle that I’m a small part of,” he said.

“In terms of the overall growth of the industry, I am just a small block, but I felt that I had to play my part and make my creative contribution to make the industry become more massive and develop more. Every artist contributes to its growth and I’m just a small block that plays my part,” he said.