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Kanye West Throws A Mic At ‘Donda 2’ Event, Production Crew Get Destroyed On Twitter


Ye threw down his microphone in frustration during the “Donda 2” event after his voice kept cutting out.

Despite another visually stunning presentation from Ye on Tuesday night (February 22) for the premiere of his latest studio album, 2, not everything went as planned. The beautiful set design was challenged by poor audio mixing and volume levels, which led to many performers struggling with their backing tracks and sounding awkward to the audience. Most notably, Fivio Foreign could be heard running to perform “Off The Grid” to the actual beat, and Playboi Carti was just running around shouting his ad-libs at the top of his voice.

Following the climax of the Miami-based event, the production team were heavily roasted on social media, as well as their personal accounts after music fans found the alleged culprits. Some of Ye’s engineers have already cleared their names and claimed they weren’t responsible for last night’s technical difficulties, but after the artist’s microphones continued to cut out the live stream and for the crowd in live, Ye apparently got frustrated and threw his own mic across the stage.

As fans complained that Ye didn’t rap over any of the words to his hit song, “Hurricane,” the living legend walked into a performance of “Jail Pt. 2” with DaBaby and Marilyn Manson, but while he was trying to get into the song, her voice kept cutting out. Ye got frustrated and threw his mic to the ground, seemingly ending the show.

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