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Kate Merrin and Rachel Gilkison launch Palomina production house


Rachel Gilkison and Kate Merrin.

Production team Kate Merrin and Rachel Gilkison launched Palomina.

The end-to-end production department executes campaigns across TV, digital, paid social media and radio.

Launching with foundation client Sportsbet, Palomina recently worked with Sportsbet’s in-house creative team to produce and take on the brand’s success Elite Medium Games and Bet with friends marketing campaigns.

Gilkison and Merrin bring a combined 35 years of experience in film, television and commercial production.

Gilkison: “In today’s rapidly changing media landscape, clients are producing an increasing amount of content and now is the time to disrupt old habits and evolve the production process.

“Palomina manages complex, high-end production, so for many clients who choose to bring creativity in-house, working with Palomina also allows them to manage production in-house.

“At Palomina, we provide our clients with a true end-to-end production offering, cost-effectively delivering high-quality assets, while maintaining creative integrity.”

Merrin: “Launching Palomina was a fun and exhilarating learning curve. We never take our clients’ budgets and goals for granted – we listen and keep asking the right questions until we really understand what our clients are looking for, then we set out to produce great work.

“Being a small team means that our client’s content is managed centrally, ensuring greater transparency and constant control of the production process, project costs and above all quality standards. Clients want full transparency, great work, better creative services, flexibility and a creative and innovative way of working. This is Palomina in action.”

Jason Thatcher, Head of Brand and Publicity, Sportsbet: “We have worked with Kate and Rachel to bring our above the line campaigns to life for several years now and the level of care and professionalism they bring to table is second to none.They continually find great talent to do the job and go above and beyond to get our campaigns to market on budget and on time.

Gilkison: “It’s important to understand that our model provides the flexibility to work with the best directors, crew, resources and vendors for each production. We don’t have a set roster, we just find the right people for the job, so working with a producing partner like Palomina isn’t creatively limiting – it’s creatively liberating.

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