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Kevin Spacey must pay ‘House Of Cards’ production company $31 million for alleged sexual assault


The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service spent more than a year reviewing a file sent to them by the Metropolitan Police, which alleged that Kevin Spacey forced “a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent “. He was charged with four counts of sexual assault. Shortly after, he was fired from the popular show “House of Cards”, where he played the protagonist Frank Underwood.

Kevin Spacey must pay ‘House Of Cards’ production company $31 million over alleged sexual assault

A “House of Cards” production assistant alleged Spacey sexually assaulted him, prompting an investigation by MRC, the show’s production company. Spacey was kicked out of the show during the sixth season, claiming they lost millions of dollars in profits because they had to change the season from 13 episodes to eight. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Recana ruled in favor of the MRC, insisting Spacey violated his agreements as actor and executive producer.

Spacey’s lawyers have tried to argue that his behavior was “innocent horseplay” and “sexual innuendo” and did not violate the MRC’s anti-harassment policy. They failed and now Spacey is forced to pay MRC $31 million in damages.

The court found that “MRC’s damages calculations were sufficiently conservative and were based almost entirely on MRC’s actual costs and contract revenues.”

However, Spacey is still set to appear in a movie called “Peter Five Eight.” The film’s producers sent a statement to Variety about the untimely manner of her role in the film:

“While it’s unfortunate that the increase in negative press is timed with Kevin’s return to work, it’s also to be expected. There are those who wish he wouldn’t act, but they’re outnumbered by fans around the world who have been waiting for the return of an artist they’ve loved for decades to the screen.The production has no knowledge or comment on the various swirling allegations, and believes it’s The validity is up to the courts to determine if they exist. ‘Peter Five Eight’ is a film for fans who care more about art than scandal.”

Spacey has been accused more than once of sexual harassment. In 2017, CNN published an article in which Spacey was accused of creating a “toxic” work environment due to inappropriate comments and non-consensual physical contact with young male employees. Like many before him, however, it seems his career is still thriving.