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Kevin Spacey to pay ‘House Of Cards’ production company $31 million for being fired for alleged sexual misconduct


By Zach Seemayer‍ and Antoinette Bueno‍, ETOnline.com.

Kevin Spacey has been ordered to pay $31 million to ‘House of Cards’ production company, MRC, after it was determined he breached his contract and was fired for alleged sexual misconduct.

According to court documents obtained by ET on Thursday, Judge Mel Red Recana upheld the arbitration award, which was determined last November following an arbitration hearing between MRC and Spacey’s lawyers.

An arbitrator has ruled the 63-year-old actor breached his contract with the production company when he was fired from ‘House of Cards’ in 2017 amid allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.

The decision, first reported by The Wall Street Journalawarded $29.5 million in damages and $1.4 million in attorneys’ fees and costs to the MRC.

In 2017, several people came forward against Spacey alleging a pattern of sexually predatory conduct, and he denied the allegations. The MRC immediately suspended Spacey after a November 2017 CNN report claimed he had made ‘House of Cards’ a ‘toxic environment’ through a sexual harassment pattern, and Netflix eventually cut all ties to him before “House of Card”. sixth and final season.

Court documents obtained in November indicate that the arbitrator at the hearing found that “Spacey’s conduct constituted a material breach of his acting and executive producer agreements with MRC, and that his breaches excused MRC’s obligations to pay him any other compensation in connection with the broadcast.”

The court documents continued, “The arbitrator further found that Spacey’s gross breaches of contract caused him and made him (and his affiliated entities) liable for tens of millions of dollars in losses suffered by the MRC while that he had no choice, following Spacey’s revelations. pattern of harassment, halting production on season 6 of the series, rewriting the entire season to omit the Spacey character, and shortening season 6 from 13 to 8 episodes to meet delivery deadlines.

The legal development comes weeks after Spacey pleaded not guilty in a London court to four counts of sexual assault against three men, related to incidents that allegedly took place between 2005 and 2013. to penetrative sexual activity without consent.

The judge handling the case told Spacey and his lawyers that a trial – expected to last between three and four weeks – would begin on June 6, 2023.


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