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Launch of the Plural content production studio with José Mollá at the helm


The Maker’s Lab, originally launched four years ago as a post-production studio for advertising agency the community, has evolved into Plural, an independent, minority-certified content production center under the aegis of José Mollá, who is both CEO and Creative Director. Community co-founder Mollá is responsible for making Miami-headquartered Plural a place where production and ideation go hand in hand, with talent and diversity at the forefront.

Plural is presented as a center of action, an eclectic team of actors with diverse backgrounds and a single mindset: to innovate and produce content at the speed of culture, improving ideas through execution. Pluriel embraces collaboration and adaptability, believing in plurality of thought and talent, and that there is no one way to do things.

Noting that he and Joaquin Mollá founded the community 22 years ago, José Mollá said the agency “exceeded all of our expectations. I’m very proud of how far we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished together. One such achievement was the creation of The Makers Lab, our in-house post-production studio, a few years ago. Its success made this evolution into its own entity the logical continuation, and the one we always had in mind, even at the very beginning. “Plural” is about diversity of thought and action, because great things are done by many. We believe in “us” and that execution and innovation are key to improving ideas. »

Joining José Mollá is Tracy McDonough, formerly Executive Vice President, Community Finance and Operations, who serves as Plural’s Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining Plural, McDonough spent more than 14 years in the community, helping the agency grow from 30 to over 300 employees in five offices.

The current Makers Lab team also joins Plural, including a core group of people who have helped run The Makers Lab from the very beginning. Over the past four years, The Makers Lab has grown significantly, supporting partners such as Verizon, Amazon, Samsung, Mondelēz, and more. This transition to a new certified minority entity allows Plural to continue to grow with its current customers and partners, as well as expand into a series of creative new growth areas under the leadership of José Mollá.

“Building the community with José has been a dream come true,” said Joaquín Mollá, CCO and co-founder of the community. “There is nothing better than creating something special as a family. With The Makers Lab, we always had in mind to make something more out of it, and I couldn’t be more excited for José and the whole team at Plural. The community started with the same minority roots, and I can’t wait to see what Plural does next. Within the community, we will continue to work with them on a daily basis. It’s the best of both worlds, pushing creativity together, side by side.