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Lee Ji Hoon Apologizes To “Sponsored” Production Crew For Acquaintance’s Behavior On Set


Lee Ji Hoon’s agency and the production team of his upcoming drama “Sponsor” have shared statements regarding the actor’s friend’s behavior on the drama’s set.

On November 3, YTN Star reported that a staff member of the drama posted an unpleasant on-set incident on the staff group chat room. The staff member said one of the actors in the drama brought an acquaintance onto the set who insulted them.

They wrote: ‘I don’t know if he was a gangster or a thug but I don’t think it’s fair for him to bring this person on set and threaten someone . Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who heard it, and these people said they would testify if I needed to.

The message also read: “The actor himself said he quit [his acquaintance], but I’m not the only one who felt what he seemed to say: “Why are you provoking me?” with his eyes, and there are also many people who will testify about this as well.

Following YTN Star’s report, the producers of “Sponsor” released a statement on the incident.

Salvation. This is the production team of the drama “Sponsor”.

First of all, we apologize for the bad news.
Here is the production team’s statement on the incident that happened on set.

Actor Lee Ji Hoon and his acquaintance had a conflict with a staff member on set, but it was due to a misunderstanding they had about each other.

Actor Lee Ji Hoon sent us his apologies for not behaving with more wisdom and maturity and letting a conflict arise between his acquaintance and the staff member. He’s worried that he can’t get in touch with the staff member right now.

We sincerely hope that there will be no further harm caused to others due to distorted false information.

In the future, we will manage [the environment] more carefully to avoid any further problems in the production environment.

We send our apologies for upsetting many people.

Lee Ji Hoon’s agency also released a statement apologizing and clarifying what happened.

Salvation. It’s Ssom Entertainment.

First of all, we sincerely apologize for sharing such unpleasant news.

It is true that there was a conflict between the knowledge of our actor and a member of the staff. Actor Lee Ji Hoon tried to apologize the day it happened, and we think it’s unfortunate that it didn’t go smoothly.

The actor thinks deeply about his friend visiting the set and causing a disturbance, and he continually tries to get in touch with the staff member through the production team because the staff member in question is n is not reachable at the moment.

However, regarding the allegation that he “took his pants off and caused a disturbance”, it appears that [the staff member] wrote it this way about him changing clothes in a hurry due to the busy schedule on set that day. However, we apologize to the staff members on set who felt uncomfortable because of this. We will be more careful in the future, but we hope there will be no misunderstandings about this.

The actor is aware of the seriousness of the incident and thinks deeply. We hope he can get in touch with [the staff member] and solve the problem peacefully.

We send our apologies for upsetting many people.

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