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Lewis Hamilton shifts gears to launch TV and film production company


Seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton spoke to Deadline about his new business venture: television and film production. Hamilton, who holds the record for most wins, pole positions and podiums in F1, has revealed his first production company, Dawn Apollo Films, is in the works.

“I’ve always loved movies,” the 37-year-old told the outlet. “I watch a lot. I think it’s a real escape. There are a lot of films that I find inspiring and I always dreamed of doing something in this space one day. I have often been asked if I would act. I was very lucky to be an F1 driver, so I never really had time to dedicate myself to acting, but one of my dreams has been to tell stories. I sat down with my team and asked ‘What would it take for us to start a production company?’ and I shopped around and met an array of producers and filmmakers in LA just to get some knowledge. One of them was Jeffrey Katzenberg.

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Hamilton also shared the meaning of his company’s name. “Apollo is the Greek god of sunlight, music and poetry, so I’ve always loved that name,” he said. “Dawn because it’s an otherworldly time of light, and symbolizes new beginnings. It’s usually a time of day that I love.

Speaking about his motivation to get into film, he added, “The goal is to create impactful stories and ultimately to inspire people through film and storytelling. Much of the new venture will be about social impact, community and causes. It is very important for me.

Hamilton already has two planned projects underway with Apple TV+. Dawn Apollo Films is set to produce an untitled F1 racing film, starring Brad Pitt and directed by Top Gun: Maverickis Joe Kosinski. The film will be about a race car driver who comes out of retirement and teams up with a rookie to take on the veterans of the sport. There’s also a feature-length documentary about Hamilton’s own journey in progress. Both projects will be produced by Hamilton.

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